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The 3 Wonder Cosmetics

Women for the last centuries have been looking for the 3 perfect stables in there makeup bag, a skin perfecting foundation, a lash wonder of a mascara and a gloss that gives color but not that sticky feeling.

So where dose one look when on the look out for these perfect items that are "must haves" for everyday use. 
Luckily stores are loaded with choice these days and with the cosmetics industries being worth billions around the world £6.2 Billion pound alone in the UK, it's little wonder that we have a overload of choice. 

Having tested loads of different cosmetics brands over the past 4 years I've been into makeup, I have have found that it's very easy to spend money on things you never use and very hard to find something that is a perfect match. Lets begin with foundation

Flawless skin with foundation - Round One

How many unloved foundation do you own? I'm going to guess a few. 
That's because our obsession with finding "The One" perfect foundation is like finding a tiny needle in a hay stack, beyond hard. But there is ways to make that search a little easier.
Have a list with you or at least a idea in your head of what your looking for like, 

1. How much you are willing to spent, It's no point going shopping and being swept up in the atmosphere of the bright lights and the counter goodies if you only came for a new foundation, chances are you'll end up buying  more that you didn't need or where not planning to buy. So have a budget and stick to it, how ever hard it may be.
2. Your skin type and tone, Get to know your skin and make it your friend, not your enemy. Knowing your skin type and undertones is a quick way, to knowing that what's being sold to you or what your looking for is right for you.
Undertone Quick Guide
Cool Undertones are if you skin looks more pink, beige,or brown 
Warm undertones are if you skin looks more olive or golden 
Neutral undertone is if you have combination of both undertones
Skin Type Quick Guide
Dry Skin, if your skin is patchy, has flakes, and no greasy feeling anywhere on the face
Normal Skin, if your have no dry ares, or oily t-zone/ or skin, and no acne 
Combination Skin, if your is dry in the cheeks, but oily in the T- zone, and only a few spots 
Oliy Skin, if you have greasy skin and oily/shiny all over the face and acne or spots are visible most of the time 

3. Brands you feel comfortable, if you have a few favorite brands then stick to them first to find a foundation solution.
4. Know your foundation knowledge, get clued up on what chemicals are the foundation your looking at, by researching first and what textures of the foundations mean texture and skin type go hand in hand in most case's.

Full Lashes - Round Two

Full and flattering lashes can make a different to every girls face, but with hundreds of different tubes on the market which one is the best too look into.

Most high end mascara fall short when it comes to there high exceptions, where as most Drugstore mascara's come in as winners, as most people would agree. So in this case it dose prove that paying top dollar is not really needed, and I would have to agree.
Tried and tested many mascara's over my time high end and drugstore ones, and you get to learn your ways around the wands and formulas.

My tips to find a Great Mascara

1. Always buy Ophthalmologist Tested and Contact lens safe, this just means that it's a tested product and won't cause any eye problems because eye health is important.
2. Go with a mascara that lengths the lashes, this is because longer lashes it will make the lashes appear fuller anyways.
3. Always buy a black mascara, because the black pigment in the mascara puts emphasis on the base of the lashes and this also makes the lashes stand out more.
4. Rubber tipped mascara wands are easier to pull though the lashes and makes the building up of the lashes with product easier.
5. My biggest thing that helps is to curl your lashes before applying any mascara, this is because it opens up the eyes and make the eyes appear bigger and gives the mascara a extra "lift & Hold". 

Glossy Lips, Super! - Round three 

Who hates putting on a lip gloss only to find that it's sticky and heavy feeling on the lips, one word yuck!
Lip gloss is a great makeup product to own, it can do so much good for your lips in 2 seconds that it really is a quick fix product, But this can often be left in the dark by the stick feeling which is none to pleasant.

So what can you do and what to look for, Well thankfully this is easy one to over come
1. Try before you buy, yes try some of the gloss on your hand and press you finger on it to find if it's sticky 
2. Stay away from think formulas they are often heavy feeling on the lips and in most cases be sticky too.
3. Beware of plumping gloss these can give a burning sensation on the lips and some are every sticky.

If you have a gloss and love the color but hate to the stickiness, and can't part with it then try applying some Vaseline over the top of the gloss, you only need a little but it works a treat. 
Plus Vaseline on it's own makes a great Balm/Gloss for the lips too.

So there you have it 3 wonder cosmetics products decoded. 

Foundation, What's your perfect shade?

Mascara, Wink at me Please!

Lipgloss, Shine like you mean it!



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