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Cosmetic's are a girls best FRIEND!

Welcome to my Blog and yes you probably can see that's it's all about cosmetics.

I'm very passionate about my cosmetics and anything beauty related, I have done the beauty studies and have so much makeup that I could never use in a life time. But that's okay cause I love to share my knowledge and passion with people that feel the same as me about Cosmetics. And the more products I own the more hands on reviews and help I can give in my blog postings.

On my blog spot you'll find postings reviewing cosmetics I already own and new cosmetics I'll get in the years to come.  Please do remember that is just my option on the cosmetics I do review and if your happy using that particular cosmetic item, power to you.

My reviews will be on drug store cosmetics like, Maybelline, Revlon, Loreal, NYX, ETC and also the higher end cosmetics like M.A.C, Smashbox, Nars, Urban Decay ETC. So there a balance of reviews done
All the cosmetics I do review I have brought myself and there by share my honest views.

So enough rambling from me, Get you cosmetics out and ready cause's Cosmetic's are a girls best FRIEND! 


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