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Down the Red Road

I was looking for a new eyeshadow color last month a color that I don't own yet (that task was near impossible) but I did find a color that I didn't know if I should laugh or cry......Red Eyeshadow!
One word came to mind Gross, who would wear it and how do you wear red eyeshadow?.
I got over my shock and I did buy it and tried different ways to wear it.
Each way I tried it was near impossible for it to look stylish instead I ended up looking like something out of a Halloween competition, So I started blending different colors with it, instead of the blacks and pinks I had been using.
The next day I tried it for the last time but this time with brown eyeshadow in the crease and a pale beige on the brow bone  and of course the red eyeshadow swept gently over the lid. I applied my favorite mascara a little dark brown liner on the top and bottom lash line to tie in with the brown in the crease.
I grabbed my magnified mirror and took a closer look at my creation closer.
And it looked okay not something I would wear during the day, but it would make a great clubbing look.
Add a bit more glitter and Hey presto, lets go clubbing!

So I wasn't sold on the Red Eyeshadow color, but hey I guess that was just a little to much outta my comfort zone this time.

Lime Crime Magic Dust in Siren 


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