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M.A.C Eyeshadow Haul

I got some new M.A.C Eyeshadow's today in the mail, and excited as I'am I wanted to share to colors I got.
First is Dreammaker is a light gold color
Second is Glamour Check is a brown red color
Third is Grand Entrance is a shimmery champagne light peach color  
Fourth is Mink & Sable is a medium deep green olive color
fifth is Style Snob is a light taupe/ mauve color  
and last is Smoke & Diamonds is a sliver grey color 

I believe that most of these shade are from the Starflash collection that was a older M.A.C collection. Thank goodness for ACW that's where I got all the shades cause most are now discontinued. 

I love M.A.C Eyeshadow's they are truly worth every penny and some of there colors are so unique that they are worth grabbing if you love M.A.C like I do, For example Grand Entrance is very beautiful shade it gives a radiant shimmer to the eyes, and brightens the eye with ease and looks great with other colors or by it's self.  

Tip: Glamour check I've owned before and this is my second pot of the shade I love it it goes wonder's with blue and grayish toned eyes especially. 

Dreammaker, Glamour Check

Mink & Sable, Grand Entrance

Smoke & Diamonds, Style Snob



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