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Mineral Magic Or Madness?

I remember nearly 3 years ago when I saw the ad for the first mineral foundation, that was now widely available in Australia, it was the Maybelline Mineral power Powder foundation.
I had though heard whispers in the wind about this "Healthier" Makeup, on the web when looking for New makeup things and in videos on beauty blogs and YouTube.

But when it came to our shores (Australia) I knew that it would take off like a rocket, especially because we all get the "healthier is better" rammed down out throats, so why not the same in makeup!.

Nevertheless, I when out and brought this new craze foundation and tried it for a month and I must say that it was not bad at all, it did not do all the miracle things that it claimed too, but it did look good on the skin and was not as irritating on the skin at first touch and did not flair up my acne.

So within a year from that brand (Maybelline) coming out with it's first Mineral product, it was no surprise that other brands would follow, yes the Drugstore was filling up with it's better and more Pure mineral products now ranging from foundations to blush, eyeshadow, lip glaze you name it, it was there or coming soon to a shelf near you.

Don't think though that the higher end brands let the mineral craze go by either, they where there too selling the better so called mineral options.

3 Years on and the Mineral makeup market is still going strong and growing everyday with something new, or a new brand coming out with it's own version, So what conclusion have I come too?

Well for one mineral makeup is not half bad at all, it dose feel nice on the skin and there are benefits for the sensitive skinned people and those with minor acne too (like me). I do think how ever that minerals work well with "Normal" makeup products too and together they can have a great marriage together using bit's and piece's from both.
But there's no crime in opting for the Mineral makeup and using only that, because even I love my "healthier" makeup days.

Mineral Makeup


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