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Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation

So I wanted a new foundation cause I was a little tried of my other two that I always use the M.A.C Studio fix fluid and Revlon ColorStay foundation.
(FYI: I have very Oliy skin and I'am prone to break out's and I'm Fair skinned)

So when I was walking though my local chemist the other day and found a new stand with a new Rimmel foundation, intrigued I walked over to take a look.
It was the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation, It looked similar to something I had owned once before from Loreal. The Loreal True Match Foundation which I used for a week and broke out in all over in spots and it looked very unnatural on me when I wore the foundation.

But being the tragic I am with anything new I brought it any way and hoped for the best.
When I first applied it the next morning, I was surprised it went on smoothly and blended nicely in to my skin. I waited a minute to see how it felt on the skin and no itchy feeling or discomfit was present so I applied my favorite powder over the top M.A.C Prep and Prime Powder and put on blush, mascara and lip gloss and went to work like normal.

I checked in the mirror close to every hour to see what is looked like (any shiny skin or if it was changing color) but every time I looked it still looked good, Then at around 1 pm in the afternoon It began to feel a little strange. I went to look at what had happened and my prediction of shiny /oily skin was correct, my T- Zone looked gross.
So I blotted and applied a little of my pressed M.A.C blot powder over the top and we were in business again looking semi matte. Till now the foundation had stayed color true and did not go orange or strange looking as many foundations from the drug store do on me. When I got home later that day my T- Zone was looking not as bad but could use a touch up.

Then Next day I decided to apply my M.A.C Matte gel as primer and a little more Powder over the top of the foundation, with out making it look cakey.
I did the same that day looking each hour in the mirror for any gross disruptions to my foundation base, and this time I'm happy to say it stayed looking great all day.
The T-zone was not oily and only a little shine started showing around 4 in the afternoon in the T-zone and the color had stayed true to it's Ivory look (my shade is 100 Ivory). That's pretty good for a cheap foundation but I did learn one lesson that a primer is a must under this foundation especially if you have oily skin.

The Rimmel Match Perfection did look natural on the skin and applied well, used with a primer it looked even more Flawless and did stay color true and did not go orange looking.
I have been using it for 10 days now and I love it it has not broken me out in spots (Acne) or made me more oily.
It's a great foundation and worth checking out, if you want a cheap alternative or just something different and new. I give it a  8/10 for over all performance through out the day and look on my skin.


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