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Where to start on the topic of skincare, It's a tough subject how ever you look at it. But it's a necessary part of life and vital if you wear make up.
I started in make up wearing daily when I was 16 years old. Yes that was the time of lots of acne and skin that well looked better when I had a too many laying of foundation on top of it.
Not the way to approach it but then again that's why you learn new things everyday. And my number one thing that I've learned is if you wear make up everyday it is vital to have a great skin care system that works for you and your needs.
Since I was about 16 I've been through more skincare products that where promising me beautiful soft clear and oil controlled skin forever. But many have failed and left me saddened that again I brought into the marketing hype. Before I stared my Make up wearing "Career", I was quiet happy with a basic cleanser and moisturizer, but it would not do me forever as my skin became worse and my make up was not being removed properly at night, which to my horror created more acne marks at the time.

For about 18 months I was using Neutrogena products for my acne and oily skin I used a Cleanser, Toner, and moisturizer. It was doing an okay job but not working to well to control that horrible oily skin and some very persistent acne that hanged around.

About 11 weeks ago now today, I gave up on my Neutrogena products and threw them all away and went out to buy the Clinique  3 Step skincare after I had heard so much about it I gave in and went to the store.
I was matched in the store at the Clinique counter as skin type 4, which is very oily and prone too/ or have breakouts. I brought the trial pack first which lasted me 3 weeks, and at the end of the 3 weeks I saw a improvement my acne was not as bad and my oily skin was getting less greasy, also my skin changed to being a little less red looking.
So happy with those results at the end of those 3 weeks, I brought the full size 3 Step skincare products and now have been using the 3 step twice a day, morning and night as suggested  and my skin is SO much better and nicer to look at.
My Skin is less oily and foundations last longer, my acne is reduced a lot about 70% and my face is not as red by a long way. So after 5 years of looking and trying everything under the sun for my skin type I found my answer in the Clinique 3 Step Skincare system.

That's the funny thing about skincare you never know what is going to work, but when you find it, it makes everything so much easier deal with and also that foundation bottle is now a add on to your skin in the morning not a complete cover up for your skin.

Clinique 3 Step Skincare in Type 4


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