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To Use Primer or Not To Use Primer?

Yes Primer!, It came when no one was looking in the dead of night, But that was a few years ago now after much marketing. 

Because priming your face before foundation has become a huge thing to do and a great new marketing tool for cosmetic industries alike. They tell you it's your secret weapon to a flawless "Canvas" to apply your foundation on and that it will also make the foundation last better and make it more resilient to foundation becoming horrible as the day wears on.  

But here is the question is it a true foundation help or a foundation hinder?
That is where my quest for the truth started about a 4 months ago, testing lots of the popular brands of primers to find out if it truly is a wonder product and must have. 

On to my results 

 So I have oily skin and yes some acne too, so a fresh canvas is just on order for me to make my skin smooth and "Hide" those lumps and bumps. 

I started with my first Primer, Rimmel's Recover Perfect Skin Primer what can I say about this that I won't be to rude. First of all I brought it on holidays a year ago I had no acne at time and happy skin in general , then I brought this Primer, and used it for the 10 days I was on holiday.
By the 3th day of use I broke out all over my face with acne and my skin was itchy. I continued to wear it thinking it might be something else. But it sadly was not the case here, by the 9th day of wearing continually I have more acne on my face then I had for a long time and my skin was now sore too and it did nothing for my oily skin either, Not happy!
Rimmel's Recover Perfect Skin Primer Foundation Primer 0/5

I moved on next to Revlon's Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer, one of my favorite drug store brands had finally released a primer. 
I had high hopes when I brought this, to be very honest I was excited to use this product. The next day I applied it and it went on smooth and made the skin feel nice and well "smoothed out" with my foundation over the top and set with powder, I waited to see if it would work.
I wore this primer for 10 day in a row is well and it did a good enough job, did not cause any new acne and made the foundation look nicer on the skin, Lasting power it did not make much difference my foundation looked worn out by 3pm. And as for the oily skin barrier that was non existed.
Revlon's Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer 3/5

Moving out of the drug store and I picked up Napoleon Perdis Pre- foundation Primer, this was a good primer but so not for oily skin. I found it to be to moisturizing and that did nothing to make my foundation last longer.
Having said that it did make my skin feel soft and nice but not smooth. 
Applying foundation was the easy and it did give a kind of flawless look, but not having the oily control made it 
unwearable for me. It did not cause acne so that was a bonus I think I can only wear this primer if my skin is a little dry, like in winter.
Napoleon Perdis Pre- foundation Primer 3/5

Disappointed my primer mission led me to the MAC counter, here I picked up 2 primers to try they were, MAC prep + Primer Skin Base, and MAC Matte Creme.
I started with the Prep + Prime Skin base first and wore this for 2 weeks in a row, again it was the same story made my skin nice and soft a little smooth, but no oily control at all. 
The shiny face everyday for over a month now even with primers underneath made me wonder if they where working against me. 
After my 2 weeks were up I moved on to my other MAC primer I had brought the MAC Matte Creme, so again I applied it for 2 weeks and I'm finally glad to say that this primer was fantastic to use. It made my skin smooth and soft and and did not cause any acne nor a mere spot and my oily skin had met it's match in oily barrier control, finally.
MAC prep + Primer Skin Base 3/5
MAC Matte Creme  5/5

So my quest for finding if primers do work, it's a difficult answer, if you buy a primer buy one that goes with your skin type, oily skin, Dry skin, Combination skin, sensitive skin. I know that when you work with your skin type the primer becomes a help to your foundation and dose make the foundation look nicer and makes it last a little longer.
Work against your skin type and that's were the primer dose hinder your foundation and can make it look worse for wear, and no fancy cosmetics label or name can change that one true fact.


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