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Back at Making Video's (For a New Year - 2011)

Hello Everyone,

Well I didn't last till the 6th of January, which was my original time to come back and start making videos and blogging again. I guess all I can say is that I missed it and decided a  few days ago to come back early.

So that's why there are 3 new video's posted (after my December favorites) they are all new video's.
and this link if you click on it will bring you to my YouTube page/website

Idea's for January!
I have a few stacked up in my mind, I will be doing more tutorials, Some interesting ones and Some looks that will be themed off different things and Some tutorial looks that will be out of left field just to keep it interesting. But you'll have to keep a close eye on my YouTube channel for those's looks coming  in January!!!!!!

There will One more Haul, which I mention in my last video posted, and then like normal at the end of January, I'll have my January favorites video posted, i…

A BIG Thank you

Hello My Fellow Blog Reader's,

I just wanted to Give my thanks this year for reading and being apart of my blog this year.

To everyone have a fantastic Christmas and new year (holiday break), and I'll be back in January 2011 from of the 6th blogging and Posting Video's on my YouTube channel.

A HUGE Thank you to all that have Subscribed to my YouTube channel this year, it's greatly appreciated and it's been a joy to upload video's and be apart of the Beauty community.


Erica :)

Tips: For a Makeup Safety Christmas / Holiday

Have you ever woken up on Christmas morning, knowing that photos will be made, family and friends coming over and you a wake to a huge pimple, acne trouble or a rash on face.
Yes it can happen to the best of us, and yet most of us go unaware of why this has happens or is a recurring problem.

Most times (if your a teenager for sure) it can be hormones why?.
Cause hormones can make the skin extra oily in over production and that will = a pimple or making acne worser, heat and cold weather can play havoc with your skins health too. As cold can make your skin over dry that will = a rash effect on the skin and heat make your skin extra oily and that = pimples and /or acne.

But with or hormones and weather conditions aside, did you know that extra little pick me up skin product, Mask or cosmetic product could have given you, your skin woes.
I've had this problem myself before, Christmas is coming and you want your skin to look glowing and health and if possible acne / Pimple free. So yo…

Christmas Wish List - My Top 5

Every Year, when December draws near. Cosmetic companies everywhere come out with there Christmas beauty sets, exclusive collections and palettes featuring more colors then you would need.

But with an array of beauty products out in December, I will agree it is like a drop of Heaven on earth. What girl dose not love having something new, that is pretty and colorful and so easy to fall in love with.
And with all these new things out it can be a extremely hard time to buy for family and friends (and yourself too).

So I'm going to help and give my Top 5 December Beauty Newbies a voice above the rest.

1. For the Busy girl or Beginner to makeup you can't go past the e.l.f Beauty Encyclopedia Eye Editions in - Basic Eye Edition. This palette is perfect for creating eye looks for close to every occasion, with this palette you can create a nude eye, Smokey eye, Dramatic eye, classic eye so on and so forth.
This palette also comes with a dual ended brush and a black eye liner pencil is …

Holiday Makeup Tutorials

My Holiday Themed makeup tutorials are now up on YouTube.
I'v posted my Christmas and New Years Eve makeup tutorial, So they are ready to be viewed.

Christmas Tutorial -
For the Christmas tutorial I kept the colors traditional this year, so colors on focus are the Green, Red and Gold.

New Years Eve Tutorial -
For the News Years I wanted Sparkles and Glitter and lots of it too, my metallic color of choice this year is Sliver (my favorite). And lashes that you could only get away with wearing in the festivities of the month of December.

So that is it for all the tutorials that are being posted for the month of December.
In 2011 January and the months to follow there will be tones more tutorial (Thought out the Year: 2011), Reviews, Hauls and Vlog updates.

So till then THANK YOU for subscribing, viewing and be coming friends on my YouTube channel page (and Blog) and have a great Christmas and a Rock…