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Tips: For a Makeup Safety Christmas / Holiday

Have you ever woken up on Christmas morning, knowing that photos will be made, family and friends coming over and you a wake to a huge pimple, acne trouble or a rash on face.
Yes it can happen to the best of us, and yet most of us go unaware of why this has happens or is a recurring problem.

Most times (if your a teenager for sure) it can be hormones why?.
Cause hormones can make the skin extra oily in over production and that will = a pimple or making acne worser, heat and cold weather can play havoc with your skins health too. As cold can make your skin over dry that will = a rash effect on the skin and heat make your skin extra oily and that = pimples and /or acne.

But with or hormones and weather conditions aside, did you know that extra little pick me up skin product, Mask or cosmetic product could have given you, your skin woes.
I've had this problem myself before, Christmas is coming and you want your skin to look glowing and health and if possible acne / Pimple free. So you buy a Skin mask,  Skin clearing scrub or even a new foundation.
That's were you play with fire, really!

Experimenting with cosmetics is what a girl dose best, but leave the experimenting to another day, well away from the holidays.
This is because your skin can have a reaction to your new wonder product, and there will be no wonder in clearing the mess it would have made in time for those's Christmas / Holidays photo's. 

Stick to the products that always have treated you kindly, and won't cause anything unexpected, other wise it could be a problem you could have avoided.
But if you must buy that new product, do research on it first and find out what the ingredients are and what there function is. If the product looks safe enough that give it a shot, but I did say you'll play with Fire.

How did you get there? HELP



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