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1960's Makeup Tutorial

Hello Everyone,

Today I've posted on my YouTube channel a 1960's makeup look, this was a requested look so I deiced to do the tutorial today.
This makeup look uses the simplest colors that most people will own, you'll need a matte White & Black eyeshadow, Liquid Black Liner , Black mascara and if your feeling truly in the 60's zone then the false eye lashes too.
Bellow is the link to the Makeup Tutorial

And pictures of the finished look are below too

*UPDATED* Clinique 3 Step Skincare

Hello Everyone,

Today I'm updating my progress on using Clinique's 3 Step skin care in level 4, which is for Very Oily Skin.
I Started just over 6 Months ago (10th of July), with using the 3 Step skin care and I got good results as I had posted in September last year (which would have made it 2 months of use).

6 Months down the Clinique road and has my skin "condition" got any wiser out of using this 3 step every day morning and night.
My answer would be...........YES!

The before and after for me is amazing, below I'll  list the Before's and After's.

BEFORE -  Large pores
                   Extremely oily in T-Zone  
                   Redness all over face
                   Foundation would not last any longer then 3/4 hours  (with Foundation Primer)
                   Acne  (mostly around chin and cheeks)
                   Skin felt almost "Wet" over oily

AFTER  -   Medium pores
                  Normal oily T-Zone
                  Redness …

YouTube Goal 1. Reached

So I've reached my First Subscriber's mission for myself and that was to get 100 Subs.
And I've reached that, Thanks to all the lovely people that subscribed to my channel over the last 4 months.
To all the people that have clicked that Subscribe button, thank you so much. It's greatly appreciated and it's made me extremely happy that so many like to watch me and get my Video updates.

My next goal is to get 200 Subscriber's, So if you like my channel please do subscribe, in most times I will Subscribe back to show my appreciation and it's my way of saying Thank You.

I do upload regularly so there's always something to watch, weather it be a Tutorial, Haul or Reviews. I try my hardest to give as many great quality and in depth video's as I can in a Week/Month.

Thanks again to the 100 that have subscribed, and happy watching :)


Brown /Orange Earth Eyes Tutorial

Hi Everyone,

Here is the next look in what seems to be a series I have created......The Earth inspired look is up next and has been posted on my YouTube Channel.
It is a very nice looking Makeup look and I was happy with the out come.
I used the same NYX palette as I did in the Jungle themed one, which was 08 Secret World. So you can end up doing both looks if you own this palette or end up buying it.!
This look suits any eye color, but especially if you have Blue or Hazels eyes this look is a magic combination.
Bellow is the Link and as always pictures of the finished Look.

Green Jungle Eyes Tutorial

Hi everyone,

So I created a Green Jungle themed makeup look, It's using really pretty green shadows from the NYX Runway Collection palette in 08 Secret World, This is one of my all time favorite palette and the color payoff is amazingly good. So using this palette for the eyes, I bronzed my cheeks and made my lips honey brown.
It turned out really beautiful, I had worn this look a few days ago and really like it then but this time around I made the outta corner darker and this made the look more complete.

My flawless Face "base makeup" was not costly either, The Foundation was NYX Liquid makeup in Ivory, Concealer was Maybelline 24 hour stay concealer in Ivory and my powder was Rimmel stay matte powder in Peach Glow.

I think that I've started a new Series without even knowing it, I did the Blue Ocean Eyes 4 days ago and Now Green Jungle eyes, You know what that means I'll have to do the Earth look next . LOL

Bellow are the Pictures and Link to the Tutorial

Blue Ocean Eyes Tutorial

Hi everyone,

I'm back with another tutorial for you all, and it's based on beautiful blue eyeshadow's with a hint of deep purple eyeshadow to make the eyes and blue shadows pop.

Bellow are the pictures and link to view the Tutorial.

Comparing the Stippling brushes - BATTLE

Hi Everyone,

So In December I promised to be comparing the 3 stippling brushes I own and I thought I would deliver on that promise today with the review video posted now on my YouTube channel .

In testing these brushes I used the same products and technique to find out the results. That way it was a fair test and there was no advancing a product, if it failed it failed and if it did well it did well.

It was a interesting find in the results too, what I had thought the result was going to be it was not. But if you want to find out the test results on the 3 stippling brushes then you can find the video link here:

Bellow are the photo's of the Brushes compared and reviewed, they are the e.l.f. Stipple Brush, Sigma F15 and M.A.C 187 SE.
The price's on the brushes are as listed (please note that the Prices are in US Dollar)
e.l.f. Stipple Brush $3.00
Sigma F15 $ 16.00
M.A.C 187 SE $42.00

1940's Classic Makeup Tutorial

Another tutorial is posted on YouTube and you can find it on my YouTube Channel as always.

This tutorial  I did today is one of my personal favorites makeup looks, the 1940's classic look is pretty because it highlights all the right features and looks elegant and any women can pull off this look and it's also a great look for going out at night too.

Angelina Jolie Makeup Tutorial - Requested

So I got a requested look today todo the Angelina Jolie tutorial, So still being on holidays till Monday (10th Jan) I thought I would to this tutorial right away. 
And I must say I really enjoyed doing this makeup tutorial, in the sense that I can really see me wearing this as a day time look too for most days when I'm shadow lazy, because it's really easy to put together when you know how.
I've included the request picture bellow to, as well as what I came up with, and this link to the video too.

I'm pretty Sure that this was her Oscar's red Carpet look.

Angel - Goddess Tutorial

Hello Everyone,

I've posted my first makeup tutorial for the Year (2011), and It's a Angel / Goddess Idea, I took my inspiration from the earrings I wear in the Tutorial. (which I found on sale last week)
You can Find this tutorial on my YouTube page, a long with other great tutorials too.