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*UPDATED* Clinique 3 Step Skincare

Hello Everyone,

Today I'm updating my progress on using Clinique's 3 Step skin care in level 4, which is for Very Oily Skin.
I Started just over 6 Months ago (10th of July), with using the 3 Step skin care and I got good results as I had posted in September last year (which would have made it 2 months of use).

6 Months down the Clinique road and has my skin "condition" got any wiser out of using this 3 step every day morning and night.
My answer would be...........YES!

The before and after for me is amazing, below I'll  list the Before's and After's.

BEFORE -  Large pores
                   Extremely oily in T-Zone  
                   Redness all over face
                   Foundation would not last any longer then 3/4 hours  (with Foundation Primer)
                   Acne  (mostly around chin and cheeks)
                   Skin felt almost "Wet" over oily

AFTER  -   Medium pores
                  Normal oily T-Zone
                  Redness gone, only cheeks are still a little red
                  Foundation lasts 8/10 hours now      (with Foundation Primer)
                  Acne 80% gone
                  Skin feels comfortable and not over oily

So as you can see from these result's I have got from using my Clinique 3 Step Skin Care, my skin looks, feels and the general heath as been improved beyond what I ever could have expected.
But this is a commitment you have to be willing to make and stick too, yes it is on the pricey side but think what you'll be doing for your skin in the long run of time.

Make skin your friend and not your enemy, find the skin care products that work for you and stick to it, for me this is and always will be Clinique's 3 Step Skin Care in  Level 4.



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