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Celtic Queen Makeup Tutorial

Hello Everyone,
Today's makeup look/tutorial is something different & special for St Patricks Day. (And yes I know that it's early, LOL)
Instead of going traditional I thought I would do something unquie and that's how the Celtic Queen was thought of to be done as a tutorial. And I love the out come, with the Hair ,Celtic Cross and Crown for the Queen I think it works really well all together.

The link for the tutorial -

For more Tutorials from Queens to Disney Princess to Gothic styles and Music Stars, plus MUCH more, please visit my Channel page

Below are the pictures of the finished look too.

Black Widow Vampire Makeup Tutorial

Hello Everyone

I have a Halloween / Gothic look for you today.
I came up with the idea to combine the Black Widow Spider and Gothic Vampire together for this Inspired look and when you combine the 2 you get a great Halloween look or party look.

Here is the Link to the Tutorial

I've done a good few "Gothic Themed" Tutorials now so if you want to watch more then please go to my YouTube Channel.
And bellow are pictures of the finished look like always.

Drugstore Mini Series

Hello Everyone,

So in the spirit to something with drugstore beauty products, I decided to do 2 looks in the mini series.
I know that Everyday looks and a Evening/Nighttime looks are the most popular to recreate for most people.
So this was my 2 next tutorial missions.
Doing them with ONLY drugstore products meant that it won't kill your wallet, and we all hate that right?

I will admit that it was hard not to grab my trusted MAC shadows and lip products and my highlighting YSL Touche Eclat pen, But that would be cheating and I'm never in to that.

So I open my large and crowded Drugstore makeup draw (A girl can never have to much Makeup), and started putting bits together to create these 2 looks.

The everyday one was easy, I loved using my Covergirl quad regularly and my Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner I adore. So we were on the right track, blush again was so easy the blush that is one of my Holy Grail blushes NYX 06 Peach.
Next came lips and again this was easy my favorite li…

Ice Queen Makeup Tutorial

Hello Everyone, 
I  thought I would do and upload a fantasy look, based on the Ice Queen.
The Ice Queen is known for her dramatic Makeup and also music to give her the powerful sort of mean vibe to her look and this gives it more atmosphere is well.

A general side note, If or when recreating this look, make sure to use cool tone based colors as this give more of the "Ice" feel to the makeup but eyes for sure.
And also foundation should be 1 or 1/2 a shade lighter the normal, but not to white we are not looking for a Gothic finish to the face only lighting it slightly.
Here is the Link to the Tutorial:
And the photo's are bellow too, so go and check it out. This is a great early Halloween or themed party idea.

Burlesque Makeup Tutorial

Hello Everyone,

Today I have posted something different and cheeky in a good way on my Beauty YouTube Channel.
I was inspired to do a Burlesque makeup look, after watching the new Burlesque movie with Cher and Christina Aguilera.
I added a "show girl" feel to the look by adding glitter this gives a more grand feel and look to it overall finish.

Here is the link to the tutorial

And bellow Pictures of the finished look