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Drugstore Mini Series

Hello Everyone,

So in the spirit to something with drugstore beauty products, I decided to do 2 looks in the mini series.
I know that Everyday looks and a Evening/Nighttime looks are the most popular to recreate for most people.
So this was my 2 next tutorial missions.
Doing them with ONLY drugstore products meant that it won't kill your wallet, and we all hate that right?

I will admit that it was hard not to grab my trusted MAC shadows and lip products and my highlighting YSL Touche Eclat pen, But that would be cheating and I'm never in to that.

So I open my large and crowded Drugstore makeup draw (A girl can never have to much Makeup), and started putting bits together to create these 2 looks.

The everyday one was easy, I loved using my Covergirl quad regularly and my Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner I adore. So we were on the right track, blush again was so easy the blush that is one of my Holy Grail blushes NYX 06 Peach.
Next came lips and again this was easy my favorite lipstick to just slap on and go (so to speak) is Revlon's lipstick in 651 Porcelain Pink, I love this color because it works seamlessly with my "pink" undertone in my skin and looks pretty and natural on me.
So all in all the Everyday one was easy to do and I loved doing because I use these product a lot anyway.

Next and Last was the Evening/Nighttime look, again I found the Smokey eyeshadow trio I wanted very easily.
Next was Bronzer, a Smokey eye with beautiful bronzer cheeks looks so beautiful, I knew I could not grab my favorite Bronzer as it was a MAC one. So I sat there in front of my drugstore draw and ponded over my small collection of bronzes, not that easy but I decided on the L.A. Colors one I loved the color only it can comes off a little chalk like, but with a bit of extra blending I was going to make it work.
Last again was lips and this on stumped me, not because I don't like drugstore Lipstick or Gloss.
It was just I have a draw full and choosing a color that will suit most people is a task all on it's own. I went with my gut first and decided quickly on using Lipgloss, this made it easy.
When I do a Smokey Eye normally I love to use Ample Pink Plushglass From MAC, So I knew a dupe for that and went with the Australis Mineral gloss in Moonwalk a soft off pink mauve shade.

So my Drugstore Day & Night Makeup Tutorials are posted on my YouTube Channel page now and I hope you enjoy watching them.

I did learn that you don't need to spend a tone of money on High end makeup products in order to look a million dollars worth, The drugstore makeup range and products have all come a long way from the dark ages they used to come from.
With all the competition in the cosmetics world being a huge one between High end and Drugstore products fighting for your dollars, the drugstore company's mainly had to lift there game and in that they definitely have, the last few years have seen some exciting products that could well rival and even win from there High end counter parts.
So go visit your local drugstore and create a look for yourself you might be amazed at the end results.

I've included the pictures of both finished results of each look bellow




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