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Lavender Garden Fairy Makeup Tutorial

Hello Everyone,
Today's look is inspired by the garden and lavender flowers. 
This Lavender "fairy" look is very soft and pretty just like I image a flower fairy would look like.
This makeup look is PERFECT for a themed party or great for Halloween. Either 
way it's a sweet look that is pretty as a flower.

Here is the link to the tutorial

And bellow are the pictures of the finished look

So many TAG's

Hello Everyone,

I was busy this afternoon doing TAG video's, because I was tagged by 3 of my lovely subscribers. That's why there are 3 new TAG video's on my channel page.
Here are the links to each TAG video. TAG: What's in my Bag? 2011 What's in my (Travel) Makeup Bag? 2011 TAG: Would You Rather?
Enjoy watching them, 

Magical Nymph Dreams Makeup Tutorial

Hello Everyone, Today's look is based on the elf brightening eye color quad i pick up a few weeks ago, and I thought it was time to create something special and really nice. I have added something extra to the eyes to make them "pop" more and to add more of a magical feel to the makeup look. Here is the link to the tutorial:
This is perfect for a night out, something bright and fun OR even better for Halloween dressed up as an elf, fairy or of course a nymph.
Bellow are the pictures of the finished look.

Ballerina Makeup Tutorial

Hello Everyone, 

I did a Ballerina inspired makeup look today, I wanted my Ballerina makeup to be very "lady" like and have a true innocents about it, almost a little bit fairy tale like too. 
Here is the link to the tutorial

PLEASE NOTE: If you don't own the MAC colors I used, Look in to NYX 
eyeshadow's they most times will have close dupes to the colors I used in the tutorial. 
Bellow is a picture of the finished makeup look.
Thank you for watching, and please comment 
Have a wonderful day! :)

REVIEW - e.l.f. $1 Eyelid Primer

Hello Everyone, 
So in the quest every women finds themselves in every time they go looking for primers/makeup at the Drugstore, Department Store or even Online, Is for something that will work and if possible cheap. 
So like face primers they have become a huge "Essential" item for women to have in there makeup bag. That's all good but when it's like a new eyeshadow primer is popping up monthly you kind of get over whelmed with all choices and invariable price range to pick from.
I personally love the idea of the eyeshadow primer especially if you have oily lids or lots of lines on them, it just makes sense to place that "barrier" between your eye lid and the eyeshadow.
Finding the right one, the primer that will become your friend and not foe is the challenge that even I have payed a lot of money for SO many different primers from very High end to well what I'm going to review the e.l.f. Eye Lid Primer that sell in the US for a small $1.


HAUL: Wet N Wild 8 Pan Palettes & elf Studio Blushes

Hello Everyone, 

So as I already know I have a addiction to makeup, but that is not going to be a surprise, either is the fact that I love shopping for new makeup products.
I had put in 3 orders over the last 10 days with Crush Cosmetics.
And I waited for them all to arrive so I could the haul as one big collection, instead of doing 3 separate video's.
So I picked up some great things including the highly sort after Wet N' Wild 8 Pan Eyeshadow Palettes all 3 of them in the collection, and the elf studio blushes that look kinda look similar to the Nars packaging and colors.
As you probably have heard a good heap of the Wet N' Wild eyeshadow's are good dupes for MAC eyeshadow shades and the pigmentation and quality is very close to MAC is well. 
A great source to look in too, if MAC is out of your reach price wise.

So if you wish to view the haul and see all the products I had brought, please click on the link -


Beauty Vlog - DIY Hair Coloring at Home

Hello Everyone,

I have posted a Vlog video about Coloring my hair yesterday back to Black hair (DIY and How I did it).
I had not colored my hair in over 14 months, due to Health reasons.
But it is great to wear the hair color I love SO SO much again and using less chemical and more organic based hair coloring has made a difference I'm happy to say looks great and gave me little to no negative impact / Side Effects.

Here is the Link to the video

Enjoy Watching


"Irish Luck" St Patrick's Day Makeup Tutorial

Hi Everyone, 

Here's is my St Patrick's Day makeup tutorial, I was asked to do a Green Eye Traditional makeup look by a few so I thought it was a good idea.
Here is the link to the Irish St Patrick's day tutorial

PLEASE NOTE - I did do a Special Makeup tutorial for St Patrick's day which was the Celtic Queen for anyone that is interested in that can click the link here

Bellow are the pictures of the "Irish Luck" St Patrick's Day Makeup Tutorial

Mystic Gypsy Makeup Tutorial

Hello Everyone,

Today's look is a Gypsy look inspired by Disney's Esmeralda. I love the look and it really pretty for a party or even Halloween.
I had't done anything like this before and I did miss doing Esmeralda's look last October so here it is the inspired look at least.

For other Disney inspired makeup tutorials please visit my Beauty Channel page.

Here is the Link to the Tutorial -
Bellow are the pictures of the Finished look