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REVIEW - e.l.f. $1 Eyelid Primer

Hello Everyone, 
So in the quest every women finds themselves in every time they go looking for primers/makeup at the Drugstore, Department Store or even Online, Is for something that will work and if possible cheap. 
So like face primers they have become a huge "Essential" item for women to have in there makeup bag. That's all good but when it's like a new eyeshadow primer is popping up monthly you kind of get over whelmed with all choices and invariable price range to pick from.
I personally love the idea of the eyeshadow primer especially if you have oily lids or lots of lines on them, it just makes sense to place that "barrier" between your eye lid and the eyeshadow.
Finding the right one, the primer that will become your friend and not foe is the challenge that even I have payed a lot of money for SO many different primers from very High end to well what I'm going to review the e.l.f. Eye Lid Primer that sell in the US for a small $1.

REVIEW PART - e.l.f. $1 Eyelid Primer
When I first brought this, I was very skeptically that a $1 eyeshadow Primer would work. But being the cosmetic junkie that I'am I went ahead and brought one to try & trail.
APPLICATION So like all primers you apply a pea size amount on your eyelid and smooth and blend over the entire eye lid up to brow bone area.
FEEL & FINISHThe e.l.f. primer had a very different feel to it, different to all the primers I had tried before.When it had dried completely after about 10/20 Seconds it was a matte finish, but it felt a little rubbery to touch. You did not notice this feeling as such but to feel it did have a slight "rubber" idea.
LAST POWER - The e.l.f. primer dose make your eyeshadow last a long time, I always apply my makeup around 7.30 am and remove my makeup around 7pm at night. So it had to last a good 12 hours which is a long time in it's self for makeup to wear on the face / eyes. e.l.f. primer made my eyeshadow last extremely well till around 2 pm, after that a little bit of wear can be seen,
At around 5 pm the eyeshadow is still there but looks kinda looks "tried"
and by 7pm / 8pm it has creased somewhat and has faded to about half of what it was when I freshly applied it that morning. 
VERDICTSo I have used the e.l.f. primer for over a month now and applied many different looks and eyeshadow brands over the top and kept a close eye on how it works and it's longevity. I'm truly impressed with the e.l.f. $1 Eyelid Primer and it's well worth it's $1 dollar price tag. It dose hold up throughout the day and dose make eyeshadow crease free for most of the day. Slightly enhances the eyeshadow color making it a little brighter.I give it a 9/10 I have brought 2 backups of this primer because for it's $1 dollar price tag why not, You can't go wrong.

Hope this will help with anyone that was interested in this eyeshadow primer.



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