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Hello Everyone,
Here is my makeup tutorial for the Prom / High school formal.
I kept the look elegant and wanted to focus on the lips as he main point rather then making the eyes dark.
Here is the link to the Prom Makeup tutorial Video:

NOTE: make sure you foundation has no SPF so there no chance of a "white" finish to you in the photos and keep your foundation matte or semi matte  to much simmer on the face will make you look like a sparkle/glitter ball and that is never nice in pictures (as is reflex the flash of the camera lights)

Have a wonderful day & Prom Everyone


Hello Everyone,
Today's video is about the Best ever lip gloss in the world , I love this lipgloss and everything that it dose on the lips.
It is pricey but So worth it, I have two which one I have repurchased. They feel SO nice on the lips and do wonders on my dry winter lips too when I wear this gloss it also makes lipstick look so Beautiful.

If you want to know what Lip Gloss I'm raving about Click the link

Thank You and Please Leave a Comment.


P.S. Here is the video link is well for the BEST MASCARA IN THE WORLD


Hello Everyone,
I'm super excited to have uploaded this video for you all.
I really wanted to share my "BEST" makeup products and I thought I would start with my ultimate Mascara that works wonders for me.

Follow the link if you want to know what it is

Have a Wonderful day and Weekend Everyone.


P.S. Thanks SO much to everyone that is following "Subscribed" to my blog means a lot to me, Thank You :O)

Top 5 Makeup Video's (So Far)

Hello Everyone,

I have expanded my video list in the Top 5 section.
So far I have done my top 5 Favorites on
MAC, e.l.f., NYX and China Glaze Nail polish colors

All the links to each video are bellow
If you have any makeup brand that you would like me to do a top 5 video on, PLEASE let me know in the comments box. Top 5 MAC Makeup Items  Top 5 China Glaze Nail Polish Colors   Top 5 elf Makeup Items  Top 5 NYX Makeup Products

Have a great Weekend everyone,

Rock Chick Makeup Tutorial

Hello Everyone,
Here's my Rock chick inspired makeup look, I love these two colors Hot Pink & Black and combined together they look beautiful, so I thought it would be fun and make a great makeup look, with a rock chick glam feeling.

Here is the link -
and the picture bellow of the finished look

Indigo Mist Peacock Makeup Tutorial (Look from the MAC Giveaway Video)

Hello Everyone,
This was massively requested to do the makeup look I wore in the MAC giveaway video, So here it is.
I used all the same products as I did that day of the the video so everything is the same.
A lot had asked what the shades where and instead of writing back all the time, I though showing them in video and making the look a tutorial would be much better.
Link to the video
and picture of finished look bellow

Here is the link to the HUGE MAC GIVEAWAY (Still Open till 28th April 2011)