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Eye Primers - The Good, Bad & Ugly

So I've brought a lot of eye primers, cause I wanted to test as many as I could, so I could give you the run down on what I think is great and not so great. I have tested out 8 eye primers over the last year and here is my low down on what my years testing experiment as found out, Going from cheapest to most expensive.
(FYI -I have very oily eyelids and I used MAC, Sleek and NYX eyeshadow's 99% of the time, each primer was tested for about 5 weeks each)

e.l.f. Eyelid Primer $1.00
Pros: Super Cheap
         Lightweight feel
         non greasy
         7/8 eyeshadow hold
Cons: Rubbery feeling on eyelids when dried 
         Minimal product
         Fragile wand applicator 

Jordana Eye Primer Eyeshadow base $2.00
Pros:  Eyelid color neutralized 
         Great for holding on pigment eyeshadow
         Small container 
Cons: Thick texture 
         Hard to blend on eyelid
         Eyeshadow Creasing in 2/3 hours of wear

NYX Eyeshadow Base $7.00  (I have in 03 skin tone)
Pros:  Easy Blending

All The Different Faces

Hi Everyone, 

So I was curious about how some my photo's of all the different looks I've done so far for my YouTube Makeup tutorials would look like in a collection photo.......So I put together the best ones from the makeup tutorials that where loved and requested the most. 
And this gave me a great insight in to 1- I've been very busy and 2- it looks kinda nice too! :)

So I thought I would share the 2 Makeup collection pictures, You'll find them bellow. 

Till next time
Erica  - alwayscosmeticjunkie

Online Shopping!

So I'm a sucker for an online bargain, be it Makeup, Clothes, Computer games you name it.
And with the internet being the BIG online shopping paradise that it has become, Does not mean that it's totally safe either.

So I Thought I would share 3 of the websites I visit and love for there service and safe online shopping they provide. (all the websites mention do ship worldwide)

Amazon: Pretty much your one stop shop for everything, from Books, CD's , Clothing, Movies and Electronics. You'll need to make an account to be able to shop there, but it's very safe and they have 3 shipping speeds to choose from.

Allcosmeticwholesale: That place a beauty Junkie like me gets weak at the knees, LOL. This website offers all things makeup, highend brands like MAC, Stila, Urban Decay, Lancome, Dior , NARS & many  many more for discounted prises, that are truly amazing. The shipping is a little pricey but the savings you make on the makeup will make the sh…

Evanescence Amy Lee - Lithium Makeup Tutorial

Hello Everyone,

A few of my lovely subscribers had requested me to do this makeup look, SO this is the look for Amy Lee's makeup in the music video for Lithium, the eye makeup is very interesting and I like the blue (slivery) finish to the eyes. I used 90% drugstore items for this look so that it easy to recreate.

This is look is fantasic for a night out or for Halloween if your going like Amy Lee from Evanescence
Here is the link to the Tutorial  -
and bellow are a few photo's of the finished look.

Till next time

So you want to be a Beauty Star.......

Living life in the YouTube lime light is well.....Great!
But before you turn on that camera and start making Beauty Movie Magic there are some tips I want to share with you, things I've learnt form be on YouTube for a long while now. So you can be on your way to some success.

1. Personality - This is one thing I can not stress enough on.....just be yourself.
There is NOTHING worse then see a girl doing a beauty video weather it be a tutorial, product review, Haul  ECT, and you can see that there not being themselves. You want to let your personality shine though and not become generic like some people do, being you is a good thing and if that makes you different then celebrate that don't hide it.

2. Be Interesting - Do things that are different & set yourself apart from the crowds, this will help you get noticed from the 100's of beauty people on YouTube alone. Different Ideas for tutorials and reviews can help boost your Video viewings.

3. YouTube User name - Make sur…

Disney Belle Classic Makeup Tutorial

Hello Everyone,

Here is Belle from Disney's Beauty & the Beast, in her village outfit with the insprierd  makeup I created to go with this look/outfit. I love this look becuase it really did set the tone for the nice, book loving girl belle is! :)
Here is the Link to the Tutorial -
For Disney Makeup Tutorials Please visit my Youtube Channel Page

Bellow are a few pictures:

Till Next Time

Magical Mermaid Makeup Tutorial

Hello Everyone,

So today's tutorial was something fun and full of fantasy, I really have wanted to do a mermaid tutorial, something that I would picture a mermaid looking like. So that's what I filmed today and have uploaded to my YouTube channel.

I was Super excited to do this tutorial not only for the mermaid makeup part but that I'm now filming this tutorial in HD with my new camcorder I had brought on the weekend and this dose makes a wonderful difference to the video quality and sound. 

So getting back to the mermaid tutorial.........I wanted to make it more "fantasy" like in it's appearance, so on my forehead (as you'll see in pictures bellow) I have painted on the ocean in a wave form. With was done with green & blue pigment and for the wave detail the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk.

The eyes are very water & tropical themed along with the cheeks and lips tying the whole look together nicely.

Here is the link to the tutorial:…

Dark Gothic Romance Makeup Tutorial

Hello Everyone,

So Today I've uploaded a Gothic themed makeup tutorial, this was a very much requested look by a lot of my lovely subscribers, ever since I showed the Sleek Bad Girl Eyeshadow Palette 3 weeks ago in my haul video.

So I thought today was a great day to get all Gothic looking :) Bellow is the link to the tutorial, and some photo's of the finished makeup look

Till Next time


Oily Skin & Powders

So you have oily skin.... Check!
Wearing foundation covers the skin makes it look flawless (Pores Be Gone)...Check!
You use a skincare system that works great controlling the oil... Check!

So what seams to be to problem here?
I know! we need a powder to put over foundation to make it last longer and a powder for touch ups throughout the day. People with oily skin will know the sins that come with touching up with powder throughout the day, when your skin has seen better days, because of the oily appearance that is now making your foundation melt off your face.

Finding a good setting powder is easy this is used for setting your foundation in the morning.
But touch up powders are harder, Why? Well first off you'll want a powder that's not to powdery...Silly I know but the more powdery the powder the more cakey it will look after touching up.
Your powder should as be compact too, please never lump around with powder in a jar it's messy and never looks great as a touch up powd…