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Eye Primers - The Good, Bad & Ugly

So I've brought a lot of eye primers, cause I wanted to test as many as I could, so I could give you the run down on what I think is great and not so great. I have tested out 8 eye primers over the last year and here is my low down on what my years testing experiment as found out, Going from cheapest to most expensive.
(FYI -I have very oily eyelids and I used MAC, Sleek and NYX eyeshadow's 99% of the time, each primer was tested for about 5 weeks each)

e.l.f. Eyelid Primer $1.00
Pros: Super Cheap
         Lightweight feel
         non greasy
         7/8 eyeshadow hold                  
Cons: Rubbery feeling on eyelids when dried 
         Minimal product
         Fragile wand applicator 
Jordana Eye Primer Eyeshadow base $2.00
Pros:  Eyelid color neutralized 
         Great for holding on pigment eyeshadow
         Small container 
Cons: Thick texture 
         Hard to blend on eyelid
         Eyeshadow Creasing in 2/3 hours of wear

NYX Eyeshadow Base $7.00  (I have in 03 skin tone)
Pros:  Easy Blending
         Comes in 3 difference formulas  - White, White Pearl & Skin Tone
         Cheap alternative to MAC Paint Pots
Cons: Creamy Texture not so good for oily lids
         Eyeshadow creasing in 3 hours
         not so good when wet eyeshadow is applied

NYX HD Eye Shadow Base $7.00
Pros:  Very Smooth Texture
         Super bendable
         Dries nicely & slightly tacky (makes eyeshadow stick great)
         Great Cheap Version of UDPP
Cons: Can be slightly irritating if you have sensitive eyes
         Does contain many Parabens 

Loreal De-Crease Eye Primer $8/10
Pros:  Drys to a matte finish
         Smooth finish 
         Great wand applicator 
Cons: Not good for people with dry eyelids
         Dose not hold pigment eyeshadow to well
         Eyeshadow dose not crease, but dose begin to fade in 4 hours of wear

MAC Prep + Prime Eye $16.50  (I have it in Light)
Pros: Creamy Texture, but matte finish 
         Easy blending
         Great for Shadows or Pigment
Cons: Feels heavy on eye lids 
         Dose not prevent fading

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer $ 17.00
Pros: Great tube applicator 
        Dries to Satin finish
        Holds shadow for 8/10 hours
Cons: Pricey 
         Very thin so blending is a little messy
Urban Decay Primer Potion $ 19.00
Pros: Very Smooth Texture
         Super bendable
         Hold Eyeshadow's, Pigment's, creme shadow Excellently 
Cons: Can be irritating if you have sensitive eyes
         Does contain many Parabens 
         Horrible tube for get the product out

So that was my experience with each of these eyeshadow primers. 
My Personal top 3 favorites would be 
e.l.f Eyelid Primer
NYX HD Eye Shadow Base
Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer

Till next time
Erica - alwayscosmeticjunkie


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