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Magical Mermaid Makeup Tutorial

Hello Everyone,

So today's tutorial was something fun and full of fantasy, I really have wanted to do a mermaid tutorial, something that I would picture a mermaid looking like. So that's what I filmed today and have uploaded to my YouTube channel.

I was Super excited to do this tutorial not only for the mermaid makeup part but that I'm now filming this tutorial in HD with my new camcorder I had brought on the weekend and this dose makes a wonderful difference to the video quality and sound. 

So getting back to the mermaid tutorial.........I wanted to make it more "fantasy" like in it's appearance, so on my forehead (as you'll see in pictures bellow) I have painted on the ocean in a wave form. With was done with green & blue pigment and for the wave detail the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk.

The eyes are very water & tropical themed along with the cheeks and lips tying the whole look together nicely.

Here is the link to the tutorial:
And bellow are the pictures 

Till next time


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