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Oily Skin & Powders

So you have oily skin.... Check!
Wearing foundation covers the skin makes it look flawless (Pores Be Gone)...Check!
You use a skincare system that works great controlling the oil... Check!

So what seams to be to problem here?
I know! we need a powder to put over foundation to make it last longer and a powder for touch ups throughout the day. People with oily skin will know the sins that come with touching up with powder throughout the day, when your skin has seen better days, because of the oily appearance that is now making your foundation melt off your face.

Finding a good setting powder is easy this is used for setting your foundation in the morning.
But touch up powders are harder, Why? Well first off you'll want a powder that's not to powdery...Silly I know but the more powdery the powder the more cakey it will look after touching up.
Your powder should as be compact too, please never lump around with powder in a jar it's messy and never looks great as a touch up powder. This is better suited to being your finishing powder in the morning.
And blotting paper is a must have, use a sheet of blotting paper first to absorb the excess oil and then apply powder over the top in a dabbing motion over the oily T-zone or face area's.

My Personal Favorites Touch Up Powders are:
1. MAC Blot Powder, Have used this for ever and the name says it all really!
2. Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, Great Cheap powder that does the job
3. Maybelline Shine Free Pressed Powder, Was my favorite when I was a teenage, High School life saver.

Any of these powders are great for oily skin and for best blotting papers you can't go past the e.l.f. Shine Eraser blot paper, they work great to reduce the oily appearance and absorbs the excess oil, and these are cheap too only $1.00 for 50 Blotting Sheets and after all it's better spending your money on a great touch up powder then expensive blotting paper sheets.

Till Next Time


P.S. For my skincare post with the results of months of use please follow (click) link provided


  1. I have oily T-zone. But I have never used any special "touch up" powders. But recently I discovered ELF and their Translucent Matte Powder. And it works wonders. (as I have nothing to compare it too- hahha). And I also use the ELf mineral concealer as a foundation (because the foundation is not light enough for my skintone). And those combined - wow what a difference. I don't even want to take me makeup off at night because it still looks perfect, like I just applied it.


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