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So you want to be a Beauty Star.......

Living life in the YouTube lime light is well.....Great!
But before you turn on that camera and start making Beauty Movie Magic there are some tips I want to share with you, things I've learnt form be on YouTube for a long while now. So you can be on your way to some success.

1. Personality - This is one thing I can not stress enough on.....just be yourself.
There is NOTHING worse then see a girl doing a beauty video weather it be a tutorial, product review, Haul  ECT, and you can see that there not being themselves. You want to let your personality shine though and not become generic like some people do, being you is a good thing and if that makes you different then celebrate that don't hide it.

2. Be Interesting - Do things that are different & set yourself apart from the crowds, this will help you get noticed from the 100's of beauty people on YouTube alone. Different Ideas for tutorials and reviews can help boost your Video viewings.

3. YouTube User name - Make sure this is something people will remember, easy to pronounce & gives an indication about what your channel / Webpage is about.

4. Enjoy what you do - Sounds like a simple one but it will come though on camera if your not enjoying what your doing, and this can be off putting for people, as it makes you look bored with your own video. Remember to have fun! :)

5. Be apart of it - Make sure to be apart of the Beauty community, the world of makeup is a big place so make sure to interact with other gurus by commenting on there video's, subscribing, do response :ie like TAG videos or Monthly Beauty Favorites video's, enter contest where you can show off your talents.

6. Don't Spam - Spamming other beauty YouTube's is not way to go about it at all, because this just ends up annoying people.

7. Nothing in life is free - Old saying but very true, you'll have to be willing to work hard at your YouTube page, put up the best quality video's you can and put in more hours that you had thought, trust me on that one ;)

Well I hope I've helped in some way, if you were wanting to be a YouTube Makeup Guru, These tips will help and I believe that with effort and passion for what you do and believe in ANYTHING is possible.

Till next time


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