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NYX MEGA Shine Lipgloss

I first came across these NYX Lipgloss's when I was shopping on, I brought 2 to try first and when I received them I loved them instantly, like first touch of the Lipgloss convinced me I found a cheap, fantastic Lipsgloss. 1 Year on from that day and I still love them like I did 365 days ago.

They have many different colors, they don't smell funny and there texture is smooth and very shiny. and NOT sticky, I hate sticky lipgloss.
There color pay off is excellent, most times (90%) the color in the tube is the color that goes on the lips.

So as one of my personal favourite's to use as a Makeup Artist I thought it would be nice to share with you all.

Till next time
Erica xoxo

MAC Bloggers Obsession Collection

I came across a cool MAC make-up collection a few days back, the MAC Bloggers Obsession Collection, this collection was design by some lucky beauty bloggers that helped MAC create colors for eyeshadow and Lipglass.
As with many MAC collections they never miss to make me excited for something, But I'm loving this collection and can't wait to pick up some of the colors. The colors in this collection, look practical to wear everyday and very flattering.
This collection is Exclusively online only and is available now.

Colors left to right Lipglass
Evolution Revolution, Caqui, Sonoran Rain, Nitro:licious2046, All of My Purple Life
Colors left to right Eyeshadows
Parisian Skies(Satin), Hocus Pocus(Veluxe Pearl),Sparkle Neely, Sparkle!(Veluxe Pearl), Jealousy Wakes(Veluxe Pearl)

Till Next time
Erica xoxo


Hello Everyone,

June Favourites have been uploaded, where I share this months favourites on make-up and skincare products. I had some interesting things this month, as my skin changed it's mind about being oily and went Combination/Dry.
The month saw it's fair share of both High-End & Drug-store make-up, so it was a real spilt up of the 2, not something that's happens a lot to me.

Link to JUNE Favourites Video -

Till next time
Erica  xoxo

Garnier Pure Active ExfoBrusher

I love to exfoliate my skin at least twice a week, for it's a great clearing & cleansing effect on the skin and making it smooth, has always been a great part of my skincare process.

So 4 weeks ago I came across the Garnier Pure Active ExfoBrusher, I bought it, because my other exfoliate Cream was looking a little worse for wear as trying to get the last bit of product out was beginning to become a hassle.

The first time I used it I was puzzled by the packaging, it has a twisty top your suppose to twist to get the product open, then you must re-close the top so the product you have squeezed out dose not go back down the cap/tube thing.
After I had figured it out, I applied the Exfobrush to my face and moved it in circular motions around (my skin was wet at the time), the brush texture it rubbery and soft on touch with the skin. When moving it around the brush dose become a bit harder. The exfoliating gel itself dose have a strong chemical/Acid smell to it, but that will be the…

TUTORIAL: Summer Makeup 2011 Trend

Hello Everyone, 
A bit of Summer Sun today, with my Summer Makeup 2011 Trend - The BOLD Lip
This is my favorite summer look, and does come back nearly every year, so it really is a summer classic to wear.Here's the link:
NOTE: I'm wearing Revlon Photo Ready foundation, Concealer and Powder in this video.

And bellow like always are some of the photo's of the finished look

Till next time

TUTORIAL: Day 2 Night e.l.f. Makeup

Hello Everyone, 
Today's tutorial was Requested by Carmenlee02, she asked if I could do a makeup tutorial using only e.l.f. cosmetics products. I thought that was a great idea. :)
So everything I used in this video tutorial, is from e.l.f. cosmetics.
Here's the link -
Bellow are some of the photo's of the finished look.

Till next time

TUTORIAL: MAC Summer Bronze Themed Makeup

SO I thought it would be a great Idea to do a Summer themed makeup tutorial for you all today, I love Summer the Suns, Sand and Holiday that always comes with it. :O)

I personally love this look and it's one that I do wear in the summer time a lot myself.
You don't have to use all MAC Products like I do, that just what I do when I wear this look. Just use anything similar or you can find close color dupes in NYX Cosmetics or other drug store brands.

Link to the MAC Tutorial:
Some Pictures of the finished look below.

Till next time Erica xoxo