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Garnier Pure Active ExfoBrusher

I love to exfoliate my skin at least twice a week, for it's a great clearing & cleansing effect on the skin and making it smooth, has always been a great part of my skincare process.

So 4 weeks ago I came across the Garnier Pure Active ExfoBrusher, I bought it, because my other exfoliate Cream was looking a little worse for wear as trying to get the last bit of product out was beginning to become a hassle.

The first time I used it I was puzzled by the packaging, it has a twisty top your suppose to twist to get the product open, then you must re-close the top so the product you have squeezed out dose not go back down the cap/tube thing.
After I had figured it out, I applied the Exfobrush to my face and moved it in circular motions around (my skin was wet at the time), the brush texture it rubbery and soft on touch with the skin. When moving it around the brush dose become a bit harder. The exfoliating gel itself dose have a strong chemical/Acid smell to it, but that will be the 2% Salicylic Acid & Citric Acid I was smelling. The scent it strong but so is the gel too in it's action.

After use and after the 4 weeks of  using it the result has stayed the same, it dose clear the pores very well and makes skin soft. Don't be alarmed by the redness of the skin after use, that dose go after 10/20 minutes or so.

This product dose like my skin and I think is worth a try, I would re-purchase this exfoliating product again.
And using it twice a week works wonders too. I give it around a 8/10, a cheap, effect product that's great if your on a budget or if it works for you.

Till next time
Erica xoxo


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