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TUTORIAL - Tiger Lily Inspired Disney Makeup

Hello Everyone,
Here is my inspired Tiger lily "Disney themed" Makeup Tutorial, I wanted to do this tutorial and  because it was also requested by a friend.

NOTE: I kept everything Drugstore so it's easier to recreate for Halloween.
Here is the link -

Till next time

When to Splurge & When to Save

Loving makeup is something we all do, because we share the same interest. But if your new to makeup or just want to save money (which is never a bad thing) Sometimes it's good to know when to Splurge or when to save on makeup/cosmetics.

So as a makeup artist I get asked this question a lot, so to save any confusion and to help the rest of you all.
It was about time to write this Blog post and give you my personal run down on when to spend  it all or save some more.

Primers - For normal skin anything is good Drugstore Or Highend, but if you have Dry Skin or Oily Skin that have special needs then I think it worth investing in a Highend primer, as they are better for doing the job.

Foundation - I always say if you can buy Highend do it because, if your base is flawless then your half way there. The other thing is the color selection with Highend products is better too so you are way more likely  to find your "Perfect" skin-tone match. Now I'm not saying that all Drugstor…

Reviews & More Reviews!

So I have reviewed 3 makeup products this month, one I have used a long time and the other 2 took me 2/3 weeks to find the Pros & Cons, but it was fun at the same time, lol.
It was a joy reviewing the makeup products, Because I know it will help my fellow beauty lovers too and that makes my job so fun and rewarding.
So bellow are the links to the review Videos of this Month, with many more makeup product reviews to come in August but that will be another Blog post. :)

REVIEW - Urban Decay de-slick Face/Foundation Primer REVIEW - MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Pressed Powder REVIEW - NARS Sheer Glow VS NARS Sheer Matte Foundation
Till next time Erica xoxo

July Favorites 2011

Hello Everyone, 
Here is my July 2011 Makeup Favorites, this was an easy month with some real gems I found that I know I will get al ot of use thought out the year is well.
here's the link to video

Till next time

Drugstore Summer Foundation Routine 2011

Hello Everyone, 
So with mass request to do this video I have done my Summer foundation routine.
All these products have worked great for me thought out the summer time, and I have combination/ Oily skin, With the odd dry spot on my cheeks.
Link to Tutorial -

Till next time

TUTORIAL - Rose's Are Pink Makeup

Hello Everyone, Here's the tutorial I promised if you follow me on Twitter you knew it was coming, so if your interested on makeup updates and much more make sure to follow me on twitter.

Anyways on to the look, this makeup look is a great Everyday, Date & even Bridal Makeup.
It's a fresh and glowing and will look great on everyone.
Here the Link -

Till next time

TUTORIAL - Red Carpet Glamour Inspired Makeup

Hello Everyone, 
Here is my Red Carpet Glamour Makeup Tutorial, this would be my makeup I would wear on the red Carpet or this even on a date night.
It's is a great night out makeup look and you can if you like it also wear it thought the day, just by smoking out the outta corners of the eyes will turn this from Glamours Day to Night Makeup.

NOTE: The nail polish I'm wearing on my Nail is Dior Nail Polish in Rose Pink Bow.
Here is the link to the Makeup Tutorial -

Till next time

Queen of Makeup Impulses Buy's

Hello Fellow Beauty's

So it's no Secret that I LOVE, Adore & pretty much Worship makeup in a weird crazy way, by owning a lot of it. But how much is too much and are impulse buy's really the hidden evil of shopping.

I started loving makeup and buying it about 6 years ago, the main reason was I was fascinated on how some foundation, interesting eye makeup or basic and a little bit of lipstick & gloss could change your face and your image. It was then I started to buy more and wear it everyday.

The first brands I started buying was Maybelline & Rimmel, then moved in to Covergirl a little, then switched it up with Revlon in a big way and the same with Loreal. So I had stared feeding my passion for makeup at the Drugstore where it was cheap and had a great range that was in my price range of course at that time in my life.

My collection started to grow & grow, and it was no secret that every Saturday or when I got to the Drugstore's I would end up buying so…

Garnier Anti-Dark Circles Roll-On Concealer

Hi Everyone,
Dark circles are apart of life, and 80% of people will have to deal with them, that's why the beauty market is littered with tones of creams, gels, concealers & highlighting products that all give you the promise of making your dark circles disappear or reduce at least.

So being a beauty junkie by heart and nature, I have spent countless dollars trying a lot of products that claim to help me in my mission to reduce the "Natural Panda eye effects" which is never a beauty must have!.

As far as finding a highlighting product to lighten the area I have found that, The YSL Touche Eclat is a true beauty must have because it works 100% at making the under eye area radiant.

But you'll still need a concealing product to "Hide" or "Cover"  the initial dark circle.
After trying SO many things and products that have not worked in the past, I decided to try the Garnier Anti-Dark Circles Roll-On Concealer, after seeing many Beauty Guru's saying …

Mass Review Face Primers

Face primers are the magic product that can ease pores, lessen winkles, make skin smooth, glow and matte in appearance.
Having a good idea on face primers, due to having brought so many I thought it would be only right for me to share what has worked and what you should forget about or at least think twice about before trying.

Revlon Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer - $12.99
Silicone based primer
REVLON CLAIMS  it promises to even skins surface, make skin smooth and hide pores
FACTS, Yes it dose make the skin smooth and dose hide pores fairly well
THE BUT, it cause my skin to break out into acne, So I would  issue with caution  for people with sensitive skin or break out prone Skin.

Rimmel Fix & Prefect foundation Primer $ 7.50
Water Based primer
RIMMEL CLAIMS it smooths skin, prolongs foundation and covers pores
FACTS, Yes it dose make skin smooth, covers small pores well, but not so much med/large pores. Dose make foundation last a few (2-3) hours longer
THE BUT, nothing…

TAG 8 Most Worn Things

So I was tagged this week to do the popular tag video 8 Most Worn Things. I thought it was a good idea so I decided to do it. I definitely have 2 different taste, but I guess that's what's make me unique.

If you have done this video too, or want to then please do leave it as a video response on this video, I always love to see other peoples tag favourites.  (TAG 8 Most Worn Things)

here's the video link -

Till next time

Review Time - NARS Foundation

If your like me then you'll probably have owned or still do own your fair share of foundations, Everything from sheer too full coverage.
So when I heard the hype surrounding the NARS sheer foundations, I needed to try them out myself and see what all the fuss was about. So I brought NARS Sheer Matte and NARS Sheer glow foundations.

I own NARS Sheer matte in the shade - Mont Blanc & NARS Sheer Glow in Gobi

So if you want to know my out comes on testing both and how then compare then please click the link.
For the video review -

Till next time

Rebel Rockstar Makeup Tutorial

I did this tutorial on Request from some of my Subscribers, It's themed around being a Rebel Rockstar, I didn't want to do to much Black around the eyes, that's why I used Smokey Grey and the lined the eyes with black only. With the lipstick being a dark purple too, all a good reason to keep the eyes a little more toned down.
In combination the Lips and the Soft Goth eyes make the this rebel Rockstar look complete and Rockin.

Link to Makeup Tutorial -

Till next time

Makeup Face of the Day (MFOTD)

Being still very much into the whole Topical / Summer makeup feel, I created another summer inspired look. This look was based on using only one Eyeshadow quad, and adding some pink to the cheeks and lips to soften the bright, Bold eye makeup.
So I used the following beauty items to create this look:
FACE:  Garnier Anti-dark Circles roll on (tinted one) Smashbox Photo Finish Primer - Green Correcting NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Light 3 NARS Stick Concealer MAC Blot Powder - in T-Zone ONLY Stila Rouge Blush Pot in Lotus
EYES: Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper (primer) Smashbox Eyeshadow & Liner Quad in - Oasis Lancome Virtuose Mascara in Noir
Lips: EOS Lip Blam Stila lip Glaze in "Ulta" Mate Pink
Tools Used: Sigma Makeup Tool & Brushes  Beauty Blender Sponge

Till Next time....Have fun re-creating. :) Erica xoxox

Summer Brights Candy Makeup Tutorial 2011

Summer is one of the best Season's going, not so much for makeup that can melt of your face and there are thankfully products for that to be less able to happen, but that's another topic or another blog post one day. :)

I have been really in to BRIGHT makeup eye looks this time around and  I came up with this look the other day while planning other video idea's.
It's Bright, Happy and Summer Ready.

Till next time Erica xo

Makeup Face of the Day (MFOTD)

I thought it would be fun to Blog about the look I had created today, very Barbie and Summer themed. I have really been loving bright colors this week, wearing everything from bright blues, Sea aqua, Bright Lime Greens and now this look I very much think Barbie would be wearing herself. :)

I often have twitpic my MFOTD if it was a good or interesting look but I thought, I would added blogging about it too. As many always ask me or would like to know What I have used is well, so this will answer that for you too.
So I used the following beauty items to create this look:
FACE:  Garnier Anti-dark Circles roll on (tinted one) Estee Lauder Matte Primer Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation NARS Stick Concealer Palladio Rice Powder Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzer in Peaux Claires La Femme Blush in Peach Sparkle
EYES: Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper (primer) Barry M Trio Eyeshadow in Delicious Diva NYX Single Eye shadow in Jazzy Pink e.l.f. Cream Eyeliner in Midnight Loreal Volume Million Lashes in Noir
Lips EOS …