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Garnier Anti-Dark Circles Roll-On Concealer

Hi Everyone,
Dark circles are apart of life, and 80% of people will have to deal with them, that's why the beauty market is littered with tones of creams, gels, concealers & highlighting products that all give you the promise of making your dark circles disappear or reduce at least.

So being a beauty junkie by heart and nature, I have spent countless dollars trying a lot of products that claim to help me in my mission to reduce the "Natural Panda eye effects" which is never a beauty must have!.

As far as finding a highlighting product to lighten the area I have found that, The YSL Touche Eclat is a true beauty must have because it works 100% at making the under eye area radiant.

But you'll still need a concealing product to "Hide" or "Cover"  the initial dark circle.
After trying SO many things and products that have not worked in the past, I decided to try the Garnier Anti-Dark Circles Roll-On Concealer, after seeing many Beauty Guru's saying how great it is.

So having used it for 2 weeks now, I have found something that works wonders, it reduces the dark circle very well and even "de-puffs" the eyes a little. I did not notice a massive change in the bags or puffiness under the eyes, but there was a little help.
The main ingredient in the roll on is Lemon Essence and Caffeine, and with the rolling motion of the ball under the eye and the cooling sensation plus hydration it reduce the dark circles and puffiness, because it stimulates blood flow to the area.

I would recommend this for people with Dark circle problem and that want a skincare and concealer in one.
It works great for me and has helped and use with a highlighting product over the top and dark circle will be well reduced.

Product RATING 4.5/5

Till next time


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