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Mass Review Face Primers

Face primers are the magic product that can ease pores, lessen winkles, make skin smooth, glow and matte in appearance.
Having a good idea on face primers, due to having brought so many I thought it would be only right for me to share what has worked and what you should forget about or at least think twice about before trying.

Revlon Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer - $12.99
Silicone based primer
REVLON CLAIMS  it promises to even skins surface, make skin smooth and hide pores
FACTS, Yes it dose make the skin smooth and dose hide pores fairly well
THE BUT, it cause my skin to break out into acne, So I would  issue with caution  for people with sensitive skin or break out prone Skin.

Rimmel Fix & Prefect foundation Primer $ 7.50
Water Based primer
RIMMEL CLAIMS it smooths skin, prolongs foundation and covers pores
FACTS, Yes it dose make skin smooth, covers small pores well, but not so much med/large pores. Dose make foundation last a few (2-3) hours longer
THE BUT, nothing it did not cause acne and felt nice on skin.

Estee lauder Face primer Plus Smoothing Matte Base $ 32.00
Talc / Silicone Based primer
ESTEE LAUDER CLAIMS, it to smooth skin out, foundation "stays on" &  it absorbs excess oil, without drying skin out
FACTS, Yes it dose smooth skin out excellently, foundation dose last all day
THE BUT, it dose not absorb excess oil very well thought out the day and you will still need to use touch up powder thought the day, for me personally I had to touch up 2 times and I was wearing Estee lauder double wear foundation on top of primer.
RATING 2.5/5

MAC Matte Cream $18.00
Talc / Silicone Based primer
MAC CLAIMS, it  acts like a powder "base" and matteifying the skin for no shine
FACTS Yes it dose make skin matte (but this dose not control oil)
THE BUT, It's not really a powder finish , it more of a smooth dry surface, but this is a good but because if it was a true powder finish then foundation would end up looking cakey.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer  $ 36.00
Silicone Based primer
SMASHBOX CLAIMS, increase the longevity of foundation wear, reduces the appearance of lines and pores, a velvet smooth finish.
FACTS, Yes it dose leave skin feeling smooths and foundation dose go on better and last longer
THE BUT, it dose nothing for lines and only covers small to Medium pores and cause acne in first days of wear. (it did this to my Skin for a week)
RATING 4.5/5

Smashbox Photo Finish Light Primer $ 36.00
Water based Primer
SMASHBOX CLAIMS, perfect for oily and acne prone skin, reduces the appearance of lines and pores & makes skin softer
FACTS, Yes it dose not cause acne and make skin oiler then it is.
THE BUT, it dose nothing for pores and lines and did not make my skin softer in any way only make the foundation go on a little better.

Urban Decay De-slick in a tube $ 28.00
Water based primer
URBAN DECAY CLAIMS, banishes the oil skin to control the oil all day long, it tighten pores and reduce there appearance & makes skin matte
FACTS, it dose all the above like urban Decay claims, it dose control oil very well thought the day, pore are reduce and the skin is very matte. this also did not cause any acne on my skin either.
THE BUT, only thing when this dries on the skin it dose have a slight "rubber" feel to the skin for a few minutes

Hope this helps you all in your search for a great foundation primer, if you have any question please feel free to leave me a comment below.

Till next time


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