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Queen of Makeup Impulses Buy's

Hello Fellow Beauty's

So it's no Secret that I LOVE, Adore & pretty much Worship makeup in a weird crazy way, by owning a lot of it. But how much is too much and are impulse buy's really the hidden evil of shopping.

I started loving makeup and buying it about 6 years ago, the main reason was I was fascinated on how some foundation, interesting eye makeup or basic and a little bit of lipstick & gloss could change your face and your image. It was then I started to buy more and wear it everyday.

The first brands I started buying was Maybelline & Rimmel, then moved in to Covergirl a little, then switched it up with Revlon in a big way and the same with Loreal. So I had stared feeding my passion for makeup at the Drugstore where it was cheap and had a great range that was in my price range of course at that time in my life.

My collection started to grow & grow, and it was no secret that every Saturday or when I got to the Drugstore's I would end up buying something.
So about 2 years in to buying makeup I started watching YouTube Guru's like Panacea81, Pinkiecharm & makeupbytiffanyd, I loved and still do love watching there video's in there own way all 3 of them inspired me to start my YouTube Career a little over 10 months ago.

It was in this time I stated hearing more about brands like MAC, Stila, NARS, Dior & clinique, I really wanted to branch out into the higher end makeup and start really investing in them. So I started with Clinique first, the first things I brought was a foundation, Powder and lipstick, and I was really impressed by what I had brought from Clinique and as funny as it sounds I felt better about myself when using the higher end makeup or Skincare. But I still wanted more so after that I brought some MAC makeup and totally fell in love with MAC Cosmetics from that moment and after that the other brands did shortly follow too, like Stila, Smashbox, Dior ECT.

But when you impulse buy on a high end product and it dose not work or you hate it that you really do feel in your purse more so then on a drugstore item/s. So I have learned to before you buy anything drugstore or high end, stand there and think to yourself, Do I really need this, will I wear it OR get lots of use from it & Do I really need other one of these, (like me I own at least 40-45 Foundations)
I'm going to be the first one to say that it not easy to walk away from something that is SO appealing, especially if it's something high end and you can picture yourself wearing it, but my impulse reaction to things has improved and I'm happy for that. I'll always stay buying makeup that's part of my job (for reviewing and keeping up with new things & trends) and it still being my interest but I have learned to control the " I want this" of buying makeup.

So I guess I have earned my name tile of being a alwayscosmeticjunkie and that's fine with me!

I will be filming my makeup collection in a few weeks time so when I have done that and uploaded it to my YouTube channel ( I will post the link here for you all and then you can see what I mean by being obsessive with makeup, LOL.

Till next time (and then)


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