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When to Splurge & When to Save

Loving makeup is something we all do, because we share the same interest. But if your new to makeup or just want to save money (which is never a bad thing) Sometimes it's good to know when to Splurge or when to save on makeup/cosmetics.

So as a makeup artist I get asked this question a lot, so to save any confusion and to help the rest of you all.
It was about time to write this Blog post and give you my personal run down on when to spend  it all or save some more.

Primers - For normal skin anything is good Drugstore Or Highend, but if you have Dry Skin or Oily Skin that have special needs then I think it worth investing in a Highend primer, as they are better for doing the job.

Foundation - I always say if you can buy Highend do it because, if your base is flawless then your half way there. The other thing is the color selection with Highend products is better too so you are way more likely  to find your "Perfect" skin-tone match. Now I'm not saying that all Drugstore foundations are bad not at all, I myself have drugstore foundations that I like a lot. But I do believe that Highend is better and have always looked and feel better on my skin.

Concealer - Same as with foundations I would put concealer in the same mould and say that if you can buy Highend  that's because these concealers are less cakey and are way more pigmented, especially if you have acne, redness and scars to cover.

Finishing Powder/ Touch Up Powder - Drugstore or Highend either way it is up to personal choice, I have both Highend & Drugstore  Finishing Powder/ Touch Up Powders and I have never had a problem, then again powder is one of the beauty industries "safe" cosmetic items, it either works or not.

Blush - I personally this market area is open to both I have had great  Drugstore or Highend blushes and I've also had terrible Drugstore or Highend, so it's again personal choice.

Eye Shadows/ Liner - Eyeshadow I prefer Highend, like MAC shadow are some of the best around, they are pigmented, interesting shade colors and finishes. I do like some Drugstore brands like NYX they are great too, So I think what works for you here is great. but if you can invest in some Highend shades it's well worth it.
Eye Liner for me would be Drugstore, there are some truly amazing eye liners out there and most of my favourite ones to use would be from the drugstore.

Mascara - 100% Drugstore here, they are just better, Simple :)

Lipstick - For most part of the market here I would say Highend, there wax in the lipstick is better, most times smoother and the lips looks nicer.
If buying lipsticks at the drugstore, make sure the lipstick is smooth of application and the color is not patchy. and dose not feel dying cause that only spells disaster

Lipgloss - Again 50/50 Market but for most part I would say Drugstore as a lipgloss because it is mainly a "topping" product used on the lips, it's really there for the shine and in some cases some color.

Well I hope that this helps and what ever you find that works for you weather it being Drugstore or Highend based, remember to embrace your passion for Cosmetics, Cause makeup is a Girls best friend!.

Till next time


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