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5 Things I Could Never Live Without!

5 things, makeup related of course that I could never live without, why?
Well to get the title of a product "I'll love or need" forever is a big thing and not a title I give away lightly, but there are things I have come to love that make my job easier or things that work great for me, (and maybe for you too)

1. Sigma Brushes
I love Sigma brushes a lot I use them everyday and for 99% of the time they are the only brushes I will use.
They are well priced and well made, I wash them everyday and they have lasted extremely well and are still in fabulous condition brush hair & handles.
When using these brushes they give a professional finish and if you follow my YT and watch my tutorials you will know that I use Sigma Brushes in every video.

2. MAC Studio Fix Fluid
I adore this foundation, the texture, finish, feel on the skin and the look (off & on Camera). I have gone though many bottles of this foundation and will always have a bottle of it in stock. If you are prone to acne breakout with this foundation I have found that wearing a primer underneath ie: like Smashbox's photo finish primer,can prevent acne from happening. I know that this is Highend product but I truly do believe it is one of the best foundations ever!

3. NYX Powder Blushes
I love blush, yes it's no secret. but on the very top on my list are these blushes by NYX. I love that they are not only drugstore but very pigment too. Lots of colors to pick from that are natural looking, not to many extreme colors & in blush I like it to look natural without trying to hard.
My favorite blush colors are Peach, Pinched & Red

4. My Skincare
If you don't have good skincare that works for you by looking after your skin, then your on the path to nowhere fast, and your makeup like you Foundation for one is not going to look as good as it should.
Skincare is your skin prep in the morning and your skins renewing in the evening that's why it is so important. Here's a link to a blog post I wrote about the skincare I use -

5. Mascara
Mascara is a must have for most, and I love the stuff too. I think that mascara works best after you curl the lashes with a good quality eyelashes curler and one that works great for your lashes is a must. I have many favorite mascara's and all for different reason's so I will list them for you bellow.
Loreal  Lash Architect 4D - Gives super long lashes
Covergirl Lash Blast - Gives great lashes that are full and long
Loreal Explosion Mascara - Gives AMAZING false lash look to the lashes
Doir Doirshow Blackout  - Give Super black full lashes
Maybelline Full n Soft - Gives the best naturally nice lash look

Till next time


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