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Blog Review - Essie Nail Polish

I love nail Polish and the more choice the better as you can see or have seen from previous Blog post showing off my makeup/nail polish collection.

So I found Essie Nail Polish only just last month ago, and since then I have brought 6 Colors they are:
640 Tie the Knot - is a light crème beige, nude shade, with a satin finish.
82 Pink Lemonade - is a light peachy/pink shade, with a shiny slight metallic finish.
702 Mint Candy Apple - is a light crème mint green, with a satin finish.
54 Apple - is a a bright apple red color with a gloss finish.
486 After Sex - is a deep berry red/ slight maroon opaque shade, with a satin/ metallic finish.
56 - Licorice - Is a very black "a true black" shade, with a shiny satin finish.

These polishes are fantastic, Essie has a wide range of colors to pick from and different finishes.
These polishes do sit nice on the nails and don't chip easy, especially if you wear a top coat. They do take a bit to get the "true" color that is what you see I the bottle but I have only had that with the Crème colors not the others.
The Crème nail colors took 3 coats of the nail polish and all the other's I own have had taken 2 coats, but the most impressive was the 56 - Licorice, now I know this is a black nail polish and most times (99% times outta 100)  these are the quickest to coat the nails completely because it such a dark color and it dries fast too.

But overall with all of the colors I brought they wore nicely and had an "expensive" look about it when it was on the nails, it was not patchy color, didn't take forever to dry on the nails only 2 minutes in total and had a nice "alive" looking finish. I hate that some nail polishes can look "dull" on nails that is never very appealing. Either is completely matte nails color, it personal is not my taste, I could only see that working if you have long nails, but other wise not for me.

But getting back to the Essie review, I'm very impressed with the colors I own so far, so I will keep you posted so to speak, with any new colors I will add to my Essie collection and tell you if it's hot or not. (color wise)

Tie the Knot, Pink Lemonade, Mint Candy Apple, Apple, After Sex, Licorice

Till next time


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