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BLOG Review - Maybelline Color Sensational Lipgloss

Lipgloss the shiny goodness you can wear alone on your lips, or over the top of your favorite Lipstick. Now I will confess that I'am a sucker for a High beam gloss, that shines like diamonds, and I have the collection to show for it too.
But for many years, many years ago Lipgloss would most times be sticky or tacky to feel on the lips and that is never appealing, especially when you have long hair like me and it can get stuck on your lips, because the Lipgloss is SO word Gross. 
But with Lipgloss's these days being smoother and more creme like in look and feel, and not to mention not as sticky, you can have many more to pick from being from the drugstore or Highend counters. 
So I found these Maybelline Lipgloss's at my local drugstore and being the makeup tragic I'am I deiced to pick up 3 colors.

Maybelline claim this, why you'll love it:  

Fall in love with color, all over again
- Sophisticated color and shine from pure pigments
- Luxurious feel from nourishing honey nectar 
- 12 captivating shades

Lipgloss colors chart

What I have found:
These Lipgloss's are fantastic they are creamy and go on very smooth, there pigmentation is also very good some colors are more pigmented then others. The darker the color the more pigmented it is, the lighter colors are more a light color sheen, where the dark colors are more like liquid lipstick.
You get 6.8 ml of product for $6.50 / $8.00 (us dollar) depending where you buy it from. So the value is outstanding for the amount of product you get, also what I do like from these glosses is that there packing is Highend looking. It's a thin, clear tube were you can see the Lipgloss color through, the lid is a reflective mirror sliver color and the doe foot applicator is very good quality not at all cheap and flimsy.
I would highly recommend you give at least one of these a go, Maybelline have done an excellent job with these Lipgloss's and they are definitely in my top 5 favorite Drugstore list of favorite glosses. 
I own the following colors  -015 Born With It                             
                                     -055 Raspberry Sorbet                         
                                     -405 Sugared Honey

015 Born With It,055 Raspberry Sorbet,405 Sugared Honey

Till next time


  1. I love the color sensational range from maybelline!!! Great review!!!!
    Nice blog honey :D Hope you check out mine!


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