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My Makeup Collection & Storage

It has been asked for a while now, for me to show my makeup collection and storage, I'm still planning to do a makeup collection video on it , but for now I though I would take pictures and show it like that. 
I did clean up all my makeup up to make it look more neater and organised, so I could find everything better. Because I own a lot of stuff and everything is still stacked up on one another but that will only change when I get bigger storage space.

As you will see in the pictures everything is in category from face, Lips to nails & Extra and last the Eyes, that is the biggest draw because I LOVE Eyeshadow, liner and mascara's. 

Lipstick, Lipgloss & Lip Liners

Foundations, Concealers, Powder, Blush & Bronzer 

Nails Polish, False Lashes & Pigments

Complete "eye" makeup draw

Eyeshadow's Single & Palettes pt1 , Eye Lashes Curlers   

Eyeshadow's Single & Palettes pt2

Eye liner's, Brow Pencils, Mascara's & Eyeshadow Primers

So there is in a summary in some photo's what my makeup collection looks like, and looking at it myself and even when I was cleaning everything up so it was stored better, I thought there's no doubting I LOVE makeup.

Till next time


  1. Wow, you have a lot, your username's super fitting :P so jealous of your collection!


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