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BLOG Review - Chanel Lipstick VS YSL Lipstick

Hello Everyone, 
A about a week ago I brought my first Chanel Lipstick and a few months ago I had brought my frist YSL Lipstick, Both are VERY Highend & expensive brands. So it came to me this morning why not do a comparison review on both the Chanel & the YSL Lipsticks.
So here we go....

First is the Chanel Lipstick I got the Chanel Lipstick in Rouge Coco 19 Gabrielle, it's a beautiful red shade, I used it in my Dita Von Teese makeup tutorial, so then you have more of an idea of what kind of red shade it is. 
The lipstick is very smooth on application and the color is very true to the what's in the tube. Also a little goes a long way with this beause of it's bright color pigmentation, so it's good you don't have to pile on a heap on your lips that would be a waste of product.
The lipstick last all day, and that's with no touching up or Lipliner underneath, which I find amazing. Now true I have dry lips & that can make more lipstick last long but it will…

BLOG Review - e.l.f The Beauty Encyclopedia

Hello Everyone,
I picked up these 3 e.l.f. beauty books at the start of the year, somewhere in January. And I have been using them though out the year. They caught my eye originally when I was shopping online and I had to buy & try them, so I naturally did. 
These "Beauty Books" come in a set of 3 that you buy individual of each other, They cost $5.00 each so for the set to be complete your paying $15.00 each, which is really cheap and excellent value if your looking for a "all in one" answer.  When I first saw these's "beauty books" I thought they would be excellent for beginners in makeup & for traveling because of there sturdy packaging.
So to start with the review I'm going to review e.l.f's face book first, then Eye's & lastly Lips, So here's my 2 cents worth on them.

e.l.f The Beauty Encyclopedia - FACE Ok so in the "face" book you are getting 4 different colored concealers for Light, Light-medium, Medium & De…


Hello Everyone, So I have a Blog Giveaway for you all today, I brought some things because I felt in a good mood and wanted to share it with you all, So that's what I did, So in this giveaway one lucky person will win: YSL Touche Eclat Wet n'wild I sparkle quad in 142 Solar Eclipse e.l.f. Eye Primer

How to Enter:  All you have to do is Follow/Subscribe to this Blog & my YouTube Channel Plus leave a Comment on this post (with your email)  Giveaway Ends October 30th 2011 midnight NY time Open internationally!  (worldwide) The winner will be randomly chosen and notified by email.
GOOD LUCK.......
Till next time Erica xoxoxxo

TUTORIAL - Little Red Riding Hood Makeup

Hello Everyone, 
Little Red Riding Hood makeup tutorial today, to continue with my Halloween makeup series. 
This was a storybook classic, and for the makeup I wanted to keep it gentle but still kinda smoked out too. I did keep all the makeup used in the tutorial drugstore, so it's easy to re-create. Here is the video link -

Till next time Erica xoxoxoxo

BLOG Review - Cream Blush Overview

Cream Blush is one of the best blush types to give your skin (cheeks) that "natural" glowy appearance. I was never a big user though of cream blush until 2 years ago, when I was 19/20 I brought my first cream blush, which was MAC's Blush Creme in uncommon. It was then I started buying more & more & well you guessed it.........More!
The texure is a bit of getting used too and I was wearing it the time when my skin was much more oily too, so I found that the cream blush did not last as long as powder blush did, but never the less a good matte primer and that did help a lot. 
My skin type as changed a lot now, it's definitely is now combination skin oy vey!!
I will review each blush in order from Price starting from Low to high.

e.l.f All Over Color Stick   -$1.00
Pros - Convenient small size packaging 
Pearl color (which acts like a blush & highlight in one)
Easy to apply
Cons - Hard to blend 
Way to shimmer for people with pores being an issue 
Comes off looking a l…

TUTORIAL - Dita Von Teese Sexy Burlesque Makeup

Hello Everyone, 
So to add to my many makeup tutorials, here is Dita Von Teese's makeup look today.
I love this makeup look too & it's one that I wear myself most times when I personally go out myself. 
So this is a classical look and has been made famous by Dita Von Teese as a sexy reinvention on the 1940's (1930's & 1950's) makeup look.
Here is the video link -

Till next time

September Favorites 2011

Hello Everyone, 
So it's that time of the month again, Favorites time! 
This September I had a few different products and I found a wonderful skincare product that has made a huge difference to the way my skins feels & in it's general appearance. As well as some makeup items that I have enjoyed using this month.
Here is the video link - 

Till next time


Hello Everyone, 
So today's video I was very excited to post for you all, It's my official Halloween Makeup Giveaway. If you follow me on Twitter you would have had some sneak peeks hints to what was coming and also how excited I was too, because I love doing makeup giveaways for you all. (Twitter link on the side if you wish to follow me on Twitter)
So here are 3 prize Packs to win:
Pink Princess Look
Gothic Look
Nude Look

Open internationally (worldwide)
You must be subscribed to my Beauty Channel -
Giveaway will close 1st November 2011 At midnight NY time zone
The comment "Enter me" is not accepted
All Items are brand new!
PLEASE Make sure to mention which prize theme your entering in for & Why (in the comments box on this video only)
If your under 18 (& living at home) please ask for your parents permission.
Here is the link to the video -


Review - NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil

Hello Everyone, 
For a good while I have been using the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils, there soft creamy texture glides on the eyelid and they do come in so many colors that they really pop on the eyelids making them really colorful when applied. 
I do own a lot of these NYX pencils, because they make such great eyeshadow bases to top your eyeshadows on top of. These do tend to crease on the eyelid if you don't set them with some sort of powder like an eyeshadow or my favorite thing to do is to sweep a little bit of translucent finishing powder over the top to keep the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil from creasing.

The NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil doesn't irritate on the eyes and all of the pencils are very color true & pigmented, these pencils are so creamy that they don't pull & trug at the eyes when applying them, like the MAC Shade Sticks did.

Overall I would say that you'd have to try some of these NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils, if you love color or love to have eyeshadow bases with that pop of…

TUTORIAL - Marilyn Manson & BAND Members Makeup

Hello Everyone, 
Something different today this was highly requested for me to do the Marilyn Manson's makeup look. So, being the Makeup artist I'am I decided to do four of the most popular band members from Marilyn Manson and make it in to a true makeup production for you all.
NOTE: I kept everything drugstore so it's easy to recreate! :)
Here is the link to the Tutorial -

Till next time

REVIEW - BB Cream Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector

Hello Everyone,
So Today's video is a review video on a new BB cream just released last month by Garnier. If you don't know what BB stands for it either Blemish balm or Beauty balm. It's been a huge rage skincare - foundation product in the Asian market and it's now starting to make it's way around the world. 
Click on the link to the BB Cream review -

Till next time

BACK TO SCHOOL OR WORK - Fall Makeup Tutorial

Hello Everyone,  Today's video is a VERY requested one it is a back to School OR Work makeup routine with a Fall inspired makeup themed look included. Perfect for the current season of course and I left the makeup not to heavy on the eye's but feel free to make it has intense as you like it.  This tutorial is staring with my Fall Foundation Routine all the way to Lips it's the full face this time round.I also give some tips and great dupes of Highend product using the drugstore version. Here is the link -

Till next time Erica xoxox

REVIEW - NARS Makeup Foundation Primer SPF 20

Hello Everyone, 
Today's video is a review on the NARS Makeup Primer SPF20
Watch video below to find out what I think about it.
Price $32 -$35 Us Dollars

Till next time

TUTORIAL - RemedyRose Gothic Makeup

Hello Everyone, 
Here is a Gothic look I created RemedyRose
I wanted to do this tutorial not only because Halloween is around the corner, but also It was time for another Gothic Makeup Look for my channel/label.
So here is what I came up with and created.
NOTE: RemedyRose (C) is Copyright of alwayscosmeticjunkie Label

Here is the link to the Tutorial -

Till next time

My Disney Storybook Makeup Tutorial Collections

SO with all the Disney Princesses Makeup Tutorials finished here are the links to each one with a picture from the tutorial too, there are 11 Princesses in total.
This was a lot of fun to put together and I'm glad I have done the princesses it's always a requested thing and I REALLY wanted to do this as apart of my alwayscosmeticjunkie Label. So ENJOY....... TUTORIAL - Disney Princess Ariel The Little Mermaid Makeup
TUTORIAL - Disney Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast Makeup TUTORIAL - Disney Princess Cinderella Makeup TUTORIAL - Disney Princess Esmeralda Makeup TUTORIAL - Disney's Princess Jasmine Makeup TUTORIAL - Disney Princess Megara from Hercules Makeup TUTORIAL - Disney Princess Mulan Geisha Makeup…