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1st Year Anniversary & Thank You

Hello Everyone, 
So today's blog post is a celebration post, it was exactly a year ago I started this blog - alwayscosmeticjunkie. I can't believe that I stared this blog a year ago already, the year has moved along very fast. 

I started my YouTube Career the next day 8th September 2010.
The ride as been amazing and today I still can't believe the amount of support I have been getting and continue to receive everyday. 
I made YouTube Partner in June and the was a super big achievement for me, just like when I hit my first 1000 Subscribers in April then 2000 in July & keeps going up everyday, it was overwhelming. 

When I started all my Blogging and Makeup posting video's on YouTube, I did it because I wanted to add my 2 cents worth in to the makeup industry. I really wanted to teach people things I had learned and share my passion for the very thing I'm overly obsessed with MAKEUP. 
I also wanted to add a little difference to my video's, do Makeup video with light &  shade, that's why I have done everything from Gothic looks to Disney Princess looks. 
I wanted to add variety and show that makeup is as much as an art form as it is a person changer. What I mean by that is that makeup can change a persons appearance and even there vibe just by applying a style of makeup you can recreate self, and I find that fascinating.
But I also have done many reviews, monthly favorites and much more. 
I have enjoyed my first year, it's been a lot of hard work many MANY hours and I have met lots lovely people & Subscribers along the way. 
So from me to all of you THANK YOU for all your support & love shown to my channel and to me. 

Here's to many more years, of makeup video's and blogging!

Till next time


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