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BLOG Review - Chanel Lipstick VS YSL Lipstick

Hello Everyone, 
A about a week ago I brought my first Chanel Lipstick and a few months ago I had brought my frist YSL Lipstick, Both are VERY Highend & expensive brands. So it came to me this morning why not do a comparison review on both the Chanel & the YSL Lipsticks.
So here we go....

First is the Chanel Lipstick I got the Chanel Lipstick in Rouge Coco 19 Gabrielle, it's a beautiful red shade, I used it in my Dita Von Teese makeup tutorial, so then you have more of an idea of what kind of red shade it is. 
The lipstick is very smooth on application and the color is very true to the what's in the tube. Also a little goes a long way with this beause of it's bright color pigmentation, so it's good you don't have to pile on a heap on your lips that would be a waste of product.
The lipstick last all day, and that's with no touching up or Lipliner underneath, which I find amazing. Now true I have dry lips & that can make more lipstick last long but it will alwasys end up looking patchy and bad, but not this I wore this for 8 hours and it was just as beautiful in the evening as it was in the morning.
Now for Packaging, it comes in a normal Lipstick sized square tube, it's a shiny black tube with a gold banding around the middle and it's kinda heavy, or you could say very sturdy. When you remove the top the gold contuine's on the inner tubing. And on the top of the lipstick is the iconic Channel logo printed in white.


Next is the YSL Lipstick, I have the YSL Rouge Volupte in shade 1, it's a nude pink shade perfect for everyday wear. 
The Lipstick itself is very soft in texture and you can easy use to much, so apply with a light hand. It goes on just as smooth and feels & definitely acts like a conditioner on the lips, which is nice to have a lipstick that is not drying and this is the same for the chanel Lipstick is very moisturizing.
It doesn't last as long on the lips thought the day, you will need to re-apply about 1-2 times. But the color does not cake up and look cheap when reapplying. This does wear better with a lipliner undertheath it, so that's something to keep in mind.
The packaging comes in a round gold shiny metallic tube,  with a color band of the lipstick color inside round the middle of the tube with the YSL logo detailing in the band, very classy looking, as you'd expect. When you remove the lid the gold continues on the inside and the lipstick is on a slanted edge. On the top of the YSL tube there's a mirror on top, I really like this feature, makes re-applying your lipstick easier, and oh don't you feel fancy, haha!
Overall the Chanel a 10/10 (outstanding)
Overall the YSL a 8.5/10 (excellent)
My closing thought's I love both of these lipsticks and they both have impressed me with there look, feel on the lips & wearable. But for me personaly I prefer the Chanel over the YSL, because it does wear longer and personally for me feel a little more compatable on the Lips.But to each there own and for the price your paying your really can't go wrong.
Till next time


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