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BLOG Review - e.l.f The Beauty Encyclopedia

Hello Everyone,
I picked up these 3 e.l.f. beauty books at the start of the year, somewhere in January. And I have been using them though out the year. 
They caught my eye originally when I was shopping online and I had to buy & try them, so I naturally did. 

These "Beauty Books" come in a set of 3 that you buy individual of each other, They cost $5.00 each so for the set to be complete your paying $15.00 each, which is really cheap and excellent value if your looking for a "all in one" answer. 
When I first saw these's "beauty books" I thought they would be excellent for beginners in makeup & for traveling because of there sturdy packaging.

So to start with the review I'm going to review e.l.f's face book first, then Eye's & lastly Lips, So here's my 2 cents worth on them.

e.l.f The Beauty Encyclopedia - FACE
Ok so in the "face" book you are getting 4 different colored concealers for Light, Light-medium, Medium & Deep skin tones. 
4 highlighting /Illuminating  colors in Pearly White, Peach, Champagne Yellow & Soft Pink.
1 Blush in a Pinky-Peach color, that reminded me of the NARS Blush in Orgasm.
1 Bronzer that is a Medium tan color with no shimmer.
& a mini e.l.f. face brush.
As you'll see in the pictures bellow on the left side of this book & all of the books, you get application instructions of where to apply it all, this is what made me think that these books where great for beginners. 
On to the quality of the makeup, like all things e.l.f. you have your hits and misses & it's the same with the beauty books.
The concealers are very creamy at the touch, kind of hard to blend on the skin, but they do cover spots and acne quiet well. The only problem I have with the concealers is they are so drying on the skin and look cakey be the end of the day if you used to much.
The highlighters are also very creamy & easy to blend out, these sit nicely on the skin and give a subtle glow appearance, the good thing about the highlighters is that they last most of the day and never look cakey.
The Blush & Bronzer are very pigmented, are easy to blend and last a good while on the skin, the blush does not go on or look cakey and gives you a nice flush to the cheeks. 
The bronzer looks a little muddy and can be little too dark for fair-light skin tones.
The little makeup brush is so-so not something I would bother using, but still not bad.
Overall a 3.5/5

e.l.f The Beauty Encyclopedia - EYES
So on to the eye beauty book and in this book/palette you get 12 Eyeshadow's
from left to right a:
Light Cream, Light fawn Brown, Chocolate Brown, Cappuccino Brown
Pale Ivory, Rose Pink, Taupe, Deep Grape Purple
Cream Brown, Burnt Orange-Brown, Maroon, Black-Brown
The eyeshadow's are all equally pigmented and blend easily to create a smooth even finish, so I'm impressed with these eyeshadow's, I would recommend using the e.l.f. eyelid primer for the eyeshadow to last longer thought the day.
The Cream eyeshadow/primer is very creamy of course and does act like a priming base for the eyeshadow or as a highlighter for the brow bone area, this give a really nice shimmer finish. Using it as an eyeshadow primer does not make the shadow last any longer, and if you wear these cream eyeshadow's on there own they does crease really badly.
You also get a mini brightening eyeliner in black, the pencil is easy to use and is a true black shade, does have good staying powder for most of the day on the lash line OR the waterline and I had no irritation wearing it on the waterline either so that's fantastic.
Lastly you get a dual ended mini eyeshadow brush, one side is a sponge applicator and the other is a fluffy eyeshadow shading / blending brush, this is Ok to use and I have used it with good results, so it worth using if you have nothing else at that moment.
Overall a 4/5

e.l.f The Beauty Encyclopedia - LIPS
So lastly we have the lips book, and in this one you also get 12 colors, lip colors :)
from left to right a:
Soft Mauve, Berry Pink, True Pink, Mauve-Pink
Nude, Chestnut-Red, Nude-Brown, Latte Brown
Reddish-Plum, Deep Maroon, Berry Red, Milk Chocolate Brown
Not all of the lipstick colors are the same in pigmentation, so you'll have to use a little more from some colors and a little less from the more brighter ones. 
Also the lighter colors are drying on the lips, but the darker Lipsticks are creamy and go on smoother.
The 2 larger rectangles you get in the book are lipglosses, a baby pink-lilac & coral-pink shade. But they are not color true and end up looking clear on the lips, they are not sticky or tacky so that good, I hate Lipgloss that is sticky. 
The Lipliner you get is the feather Proof Moisturizing Lipliner in Mauve Luxe, the liner goes on smooth and makes the lips look a little fuller, does make the lipsticks last longer.
I love this Lipliner, it's one of my favorites & the mauve color is perfect for this palette of lipstick colors.
Lastly you get a mini e.l.f. lip brush, this is a fluffy brush that should apply the Lipstick evenly and smoothly. But it does not do a good job at all because the brush hair spreads out making the lipstick smudge and look patchy.
Overall a 3/5

So there you have my review about the e.l.f Beauty Encyclopedia, My end thoughts are that they are good if you like the convenience of everything in one place for quick makeup or Traveling & also for someone that is a beginner in makeup there hints and help tips on the side do help and would let you get a handle on the application of makeup. But if your looking for makeup that will last a good 10-12 hour day or something that looks expensive then I would not bother with these e.l.f. beauty books.

Overall Collection Score - 10.5/15  (Good)

Visit e.l.f. online at -

Till next time


  1. Love love these elf palette .. I'm such elf junkie :) hope u can follow me back


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