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BLOG Review - Halle Berry Pure Orchid Perfume

Hello Everyone, 
I love perfume, just like I love makeup, so when I came across Halle Berry's Pure Orchid Perfume at the drugstore I had to buy it, So I did buy it about 2 & half weeks ago now and have been using it a lot. I love floral smells that are a little different and this is different in a good way.
What are the fragrant notes:
It has Top notes are amalfi lemon, papaya and cactus. Middle notes are star anise, orchid and blackberry. Base notes are patchouli, tonka bean and sequoia.
End Results:
When you spray this perfume on the skin the "explosion" of all the different floral and fragrant notes come together so beautifully, the fragrance is beautifully balanced and lingers on the skin for along time, which makes it very nice but also good value for money, because it's always a disappointment if you buy a perfume and with in a hour or so it's gone, but with this it's amazing about 4 hours later you can still smell the fragrance and if you spray it on your clothing it hangs around even longer. The orchid, amalfi lemon and blackberry are the strongest notes thought out the time of wearing it, they are the last to fade too.

Prices will vary depending on were you buy it $15-20 US dollars.

Till next time


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