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BLOG Review - Maybelline Eye Studio Color Explosion Palettes

Hello Everyone, 
Today's review is on the new Eyeshadow palettes from Maybelline NY, The Eye Studio Color Explosion Palettes, are beautiful combination of colors that have a lovely sheen to them when applied to the eyes. 

Maybelline claim this why you'll love it:
Exclusive luminizer combines with pigments for PURE IMPACT, EXQUISITE COLOR.
IGNITED BY LIGHT. Exquisite color. Ignited by light. Now explosive eyes are born. 

What I have found:
These eyeshadow's are beautiful and they have a lovely sheen/pearl effect on the eyes, some of the colors are a little to chunky with glitter, but blending them out a little more does help. The eyeshadow texture is very smooth and for the less glittery shades it goes on very easily and blends well with little effort. 
When you apply with eyeshadow with a damp eyeshadow brush like the Sigma E55, the effect it truly amazing, it is then you get the luminous effect on the eyes that Maybelline claims in it's advertising.
It comes in 5 different shade palettes - 
05 Caffeine Rush is a mixture of nude brown colors
10 Amethyst Blaze is a mixture of lilac to deep amethyst colors
15 Forest Fury is a mixture of grass green to dark forest green colors
20 Blue Blowout is a mixture of sky blue to deep ocean blue colors
25 Pink Punch is a mixture of light pink to pink/mauve colors

I like these palettes a lot and when used wet the finish is stunning, when used dry it is still great but definitely less impressive, and with some of the colors having glitter that is a little to chunky that can be a problem for some people, I know I personally did not really like that, but can live with it. 
So overall I would say that if you love shiny and diamond effect / finish on the eyes then I would recommend you give these a go, but if you like to keep it natural or don't like glitter then I would pass up on these palettes. 
Depending on where you buy these prices do vary $10 - 13 US dollars

Till next time


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