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BLOG Review - NARS Emotional Rescue Palette

Hello Everyone,
About a year ago I got the NARS Emotional Rescue Palette, Like many of NARS palettes you always get a selection of eye colors and if they are like this palette, then you get Eyeshadow's, Blush & Lip colors.
This palette was very pricey at the time, the price I can't remember completely but putting that aside, it being NARS it was not cheap.

You get 4 Eyeshadow's colors (1g each Eyeshadow)
Night Fairy is a light lilac purple with gold & silver sparkles
Lulu is a deep grape purple matte color with sliver sparkles
Notorious is a light gray satin finish color with no sparkles
Himalayas is a snow white color with a slight blue iridescent with no sparkles

You get 2 Cheeks colors (4.25g each blush)
Orgasm is a peachy/pink shade with gold sparkles -Powder blush
Cannes is a mauve bronze shade with a satin finish no sparkles - Cream blush

You get 4 lipstick colors (0.70g Each lipstick)
Tanganyka is a chocolate brown satin shade
Dolce Vita is a a rosy "like true" lip color
Captiva is a deep maroon brown shade slightly matte finish in the lips
Tobago is a nutmeg caramel brown color satin finish

     All the colors mentioned you can still buy separately.

I love this palette a lot the eyeshadow's are excellent quality and the pigmentation is great and the colors are super beautiful, makes a great looking purple smokey eye.
The blushes speak for themselves they have included the 2 most popular colors and you can see why they have. When you apply these blushes they give a gorgeous glow and satin finish to the cheeks, and semi matte if you set with powder over the top and they still look amazing. I personally like the Orgasm shade better then the Cannes color but that's because I love anything with a peach color to it.
The lipstick colors are a little disappointing, they are a little drying on my lips and the colors I personally don't like, that due to the fact that I'm so pale in complexion and these lipsticks are SO dark, the only lipstick color I like and do use is the Dolce Vita, which looks complementary on my lips and natural lip color. Just make sure to moisturize your lips with a good lip balm ie: like Nivea lip balm, EOS balm or e.l.f lip lock, these I have all used before and they are excellent and do a great job.
I would repurchase this palette because it is beautiful and you do get a good few looks out it, On the the price side of things it is a bit pricey but then again it is NARS after all, and the palette is worth it.

Till next time


  1. This is such a beautiful pallet! I love dark lips personally. And I'm extremely pale! >.< haha I love anything purple! Too bad this is a bit too pricey for me. :( lol


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