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BLOG Review - Cream Blush Overview

Cream Blush is one of the best blush types to give your skin (cheeks) that "natural" glowy appearance. I was never a big user though of cream blush until 2 years ago, when I was 19/20 I brought my first cream blush, which was MAC's Blush Creme in uncommon. It was then I started buying more & more & well you guessed it.........More!
The texure is a bit of getting used too and I was wearing it the time when my skin was much more oily too, so I found that the cream blush did not last as long as powder blush did, but never the less a good matte primer and that did help a lot. 
My skin type as changed a lot now, it's definitely is now combination skin oy vey!!
I will review each blush in order from Price starting from Low to high.

e.l.f All Over Color Stick   -$1.00
Pros - Convenient small size packaging 
Pearl color (which acts like a blush & highlight in one)
Easy to apply
Cons - Hard to blend 
Way to shimmer for people with pores being an issue 
Comes off looking a little "cakey" 
Color pigment is not so good.

La femme Creme Rouge - $2.50 - 3.00
Pros - Excellent pigmentation & color payoff
Long wearing
Loads of colors to choses from
Works great as a lipstick too
Very easy to blend
Pros -  Not for people with super oily skin
A little hard to remove

e.l.f  Cream Blush - $6.00
Pros - Long wearing
Good color payoff with using little product 
Soft mousse feeling & texture 
Easy to blend
Cons - Not alot of colors 
A little drying on skin after a days wear
Blush pot is WAY to big

NYX Rouge Cream Blush   -$6.50
Pros - Very soft cream texture
Easy to blend
Great pigmentation
Good price
Cons - Oily feeling with in a few hours
Not color true to what is in pan
Can cause ance for ance prone skin  

Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush  -$7.00
Pros - Small packaging
Liqued/to cream feeling & finish
Give a nice glowy color
Not a big color selection
Cons - Fades very quickly
Looks oily on oily skin within a few hours
Not a lot product

Loreal H.I.P Blendable Blushing creme  - $7.00 - 8.00
Pros - Very pigmented
Looks beautiful on skin
Creme to powdery finish
You get a mirror & brush in an compact (Travel friendly)
Cons - People with dry skin should avoid this
A little hard to blend
Some colors look that same as others in this collection
Not a lot of product

MAC Blush Creme  - $19.50
Pros - Lots of colors
Good on oily & dry skin
Very creamy
Pigmentation is good
Cons - Can be hard to blend on dry skin
Can feel "heavy" on the skin
If you are prine to acne can make you breakout

NARS Multiple  - $39.00
Pros - You get a good amount
Great color selection
They all have that "glowy" finish on the skin
Easy to blend
Great on all skin types
Cons - Very pricey
Not long wearing on oily skin
Can look cakey if you apply to much                                                        

For blending in the blush I use one of these 2 Sigma Brushes, the Duo fiber brush is great for applying a little color on the cheeks & the Angled Top Synthetic Kabuki is great for applying more color and blending it out to make it look really smooth.

Till next time


  1. I love the ELF all-over color stick! I have it in Pink Lemonade! You're right though... the consistency is hard to blend, but I just mix a little of the color with some facial moisturizer and Voila!



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