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Hi Everyone, 
So I've been very busy for a while now, that's because of Halloween, which is also my favorite time of the year. Why? 
You get to experiment with SO many different types of makeup looks, & become characters in your video's (tutorials) & in some cases also create there look. Which is a joy as a makeup artist to be so, so creative like that, & I have been doing a enough of that in the last 8 weeks. Halloween this year was a 2 month project for me at least, I wanted to do a lot of different looks this year & I also had many makeup requests too.
I have added the links to everything I have done for Halloween 2011.

Gothic Makeup Collection
TUTORIAL - SLIPKNOT Jim Root & Joey Jordison Makeup Mask
TUTORIAL - Wednesday 13 Makeup (Goth & Rocker Look)
TUTORIAL - Marilyn Manson & BAND Members Makeup
TUTORIAL - RemedyRose Gothic Makeup
TUTORIAL - Elphaba / Wicked Witch of the West Makeup

General Makeup Collection
TUTORIAL - Murderdolls Inspried (Rag Doll) Makeup
TUTORIAL - Tulips From Amsterdam - Dutch Girl Makeup
TUTORIAL - The Legend of Zelda - Princess Zelda Makeup
TUTORIAL - Glitter Gypsy Makeup
TUTORIAL - Little Red Riding Hood Makeup
TUTORIAL - Dita Von Teese Sexy Burlesque Makeup
TUTORIAL - Disney Pirates of the Caribbean "Mrs Jack Sparrow" Pirate Makeup
TUTORIAL - Disney Alice in Wonderland - Mrs Mad Hatter - Makeup
TUTORIAL - Diamond Goddess Makeup

Disney Princess Collection
TUTORIAL - Disney Princess Jasmine Makeup
TUTORIAL - Disney Princess Tangled Rapunzel Makeup
TUTORIAL - Disney Princess Ariel The Little Mermaid Makeup
TUTORIAL - Disney Princess Snow White Makeup
TUTORIAL - Disney Princess Pocahontas Makeup
TUTORIAL - Disney Princess Mulan Geisha Makeup
TUTORIAL - Disney Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty Makeup
TUTORIAL - Disney Princess Cinderella Makeup
TUTORIAL - Disney Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast Makeup
TUTORIAL - Disney Princess Esmeralda Makeup
TUTORIAL - Disney Princess Megara from Hercules Makeup

Till next time


  1. Love your Esmerelda, Belle and Red Riding hood tutes!
    Keep up the grear work :)


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