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TUTORIAL - The Legend of Zelda - Princess Zelda Makeup

Hello Everyone, 
Here is my Princess Zelda Makeup, from The Legend of Zelda video game.
I love this game & have played nearly all of The Legend of Zelda games, so does my sister, we are both love the series of games & the Characters.
Princess Zelda is the princess of Hyrule and guardian of the Triforce of Wisdom. While most titles require Link to save Zelda from Ganon (Ganondorf), she is sometimes shown to be quite capable in battle, using magical powers and weapons such as Light Arrows to aid Link. 
This is part of my Halloween Series & can be a great outfit for Halloween of a themed party. I have kept everything drugstore so it's easy to re-create.
Here is the link to the Tutorial -

Till next time


  1. wow! good job there on the hair! I used to play that video game all the time with my brother!


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