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BLOG REVIEW - Max Factor VS Covergirl Lipsticks

Hello Everyone, 
If you watched my Drugstore Haul video I posted about 9 days ago you would have seen me mention & show a new lipstick released by Max Factor called Color Elixir Lipstick, now Max Factor claim that these lipsticks will make your lips soft, smooth & more health looking within 7 days of wear. They also claim to be bold color, long wearing & waxed based lipsticks, now this sounded a lot like the Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipsticks, that I love. 
When I was researching this I found that Max Factor own Covergirl is well which, when I think about it would explain some of the things I own from both brands that claim the same things & look the same like the Covergirl lash Blast & the Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara. Both the same but yet I did still find a difference, not in the brush or the packaging but the formula was a little less thickening in the max Factor one then the Covergirl lash Blast mascara, but this a different review for another day :)

Back to the Lipsticks & I have added Pictures bellow so you can see what I mean!

In appearance everything is the same besides the color tubing/packaging, Max factor being Gold & the Covergirl is the Purple. It's funny it's only a color of the tube but this does give either of these lipsticks a different feel, for instance the Max Factor's gold packaging give the feel of luxury and more Highend feel, while the Purple Covergirl's Packaging gives a more unique & casual feel. 

 On to the finish & feel on the lips, now being "sister" companies you would not expect to much of a difference, that also is the case here, BUT there are little things that do make them a little different from each other. 
There texture both is the same
There feel on the Lips is the same
I have found that the Max Factor is a little more long wearing
I have also found the Covergirl to be a little more on the wax side, where as the Max Factor is a little more creamy.
Also the Covergirl has way more colors on offer with some different finishes that the Max Factor's one don't offer.
Lastly the Covergirl is cheaper too at $6.99 & the Max Factor $9.99, which points to the theory that you do pay for a brand name, doesn't matter if it's Drugstore or Highend. 

If you have used any of these lipstick let me know what you think about them in the comments section! :)

Till next time


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