BLOG Review - L'Oreal Extra Volume Collagene Waterproof Mascara

Hello Everyone, 
So about 2 weeks ago I brought this Mascara, L'Oreal Extra Volume Collagene Waterproof Mascara. I was curious to about this mascara since I had used a while back the sister version, the L'Oreal Volume Collagene Mascara non Waterproof version, which I liked. So when I found this on a advertising stand at my local Drugstore, me being the Cosmetic Junkie I'am naturally, I just had to buy one to try and review for you all. 
First off I love the tubing/packaging, the Blue writing on the black tube, makes it easy to read and appealing to look at too, as well as the detailing on the top of the mascara tube. 
You get 9ml of product & it comes in 2 colors Black/Noir or Brown/Brun.
I have it in Black/Noir, & it is a true deep black color in it's pigmentation, this does not have 
a blue undertone too it, or that soft black coloring. The true intensity of the black does get
darker coat by coat, which I do like as it does give the lashes a fuller appearance when all 
coats are applied and dried. Another great thing about this Mascara is you don't get that 
"crunch" effects on the lashes when building multiple coats and when the mascara drys.
I do find this apply's the best when lashes are curled as it does grab each lash with less effort
and lifts slightly better too.
The Brush is a fairly large & the bristles are long & tapper off from top to the bottom, the 
brush as a very slight 8 like shape to it, which contours to the lashes very nicely.
Do be careful when applying this mascara as the bristles due to them being so long can scrap 
the lase line, but no problem it your careful and apply it in controlled stokes, using the
"wiggling" method I find works best for this Mascara as it lifts and separates them better. The formula
can be prone to a little clumping so do be aware of that when applying, again the
"wiggling" method does make the clumping less. 
The mascara has slight "chemical" smell to it that might annoy a few people, but if
that does not bother you, like me then you should not have a problem. This did not 
irritate my sensitive eyes either, I had no reaction to the Collagene, so no problem there.
As far as the wear nature of this L'Oreal Mascara it will last a full days wear on the lashes very 
well, I wear my makeup for about 9-13 hours depending on how long my day is and this 
does hold up well. The curl lasts about 8 hours, and only in the last hour or so of the 
day I did notice a bit of flaking, but only minor & that is after a good 10 hours wear in warmish
weather. The waterproof ware on this Mascara is excellent and holds up well, don't go swimming with
this mascara though it's not that waterproof but in general this is great waterproofing 
for you lashes, as it is a little hard to remove at the end of the day.
Overall I really like this Mascara a lot and I personally do think it's better then it's sister 
version. The L'Oreal Volume Collagene Mascara, and I would recommend this to my fellow 
Cosmetic Junkies out there to try. 
RATING 4.5/5

Till next time


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