Makeup Storage Tips & Tricks

Hello Everyone, 
So this post is going to talk all about Makeup storage & for anyone that owns a lot of makeup (or even a little) you have to store it correctly and let everything have it's place. 
So make sure your products are in a ordered arrangement, I like to have Lipstick's & lipglosses, Lip Liner & Stains together. Eye primer'seyeshadow's, liners & mascara's together & so on, for the face products even Nail polish in color order.
This make it much easier to find everything & your less likely to lose something or miss place it, which was always my problem some time ago.

The first example I have is this 3 stack plastic set of draws, that you can find at Office supply shops or Target, I picked my up for around $25, but prices will vary.
These store a lot of makeup, I mean TONES, the first 2 draws contain most of my eye products.
(The last draw is just some gaming things to do with my Wii & Xbox) You can store things on top of this set of draws is well, which is very handy. 
I really do love these draws because they are easy to remove and easy to keep clean, so the plastic comes in really handy for storing the makeup, because you can have somethings that will leak or smudge.

When you open the draw, this is the top draw your seeing that containing to many mascara's, Liners, Primer's & Eyeshadow. You can see that everything as a "home" so to speak. I brought a Split container at the back and have split my Eyeliner's on one side & my Primer's with Mascara's on the other side. 
In the "old" Navy blue jewelry box I have most of my drugstore eyeshadow's from Covergirl & e.l.f. with the odd Maybelline palette too.
In the cup I have all the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils, you can a cup like this at most general stores or at Target again too, this one I have is a porcelain cup, but you can have plastic too, just as long as it's bigger enough to store all you liners ETC.
Because the storage draws I brought are taller enough to hold the cup with pencils in it standing up, this makes more room in the draws them selves.
On the side that I have no container so I just put all my Gel Liners, & NYX Sharpener for those eye pencils that are not automatic. 

If you don't have that much makeup or don't want a big storage like I talk about before. 
Then this compact smaller storage might be a better answer, Now I do have two of these draws stacked on top of each other, because they are normal a 2 draw storage.
Again you can find at Office supply shops or Target. I got these each for $15 but again prices will vary there too. :)
In these draws I have all my Highend makeup like MAC & NARS ETC. 

Now you would think that they won't hold a lot, but they DO. It's amazing but they hold more then I thought they would, so if you have a small or small/medium collection, I think 2 sets of these draws should hold everything nicely. Now this won't hold cups & boxes inside the draws, but you can use dividers, which will work just as good in these smaller draws.
This draw you see here is the foundation draw only, under that is the blush & illuminating Products, under that is all Eyeshadow's & Paint Pots & lastly is all Lip Products. Doing it like this will cut your "finding" time in half & will have everything looking neatly organized.

Some Quick other tips:
Organize on color from Lightest to Darkest 
Organize in alphabetic order, this works great for lipstick's & Eyeshadow's
Organize in number order, a lot of lipstick's & Eyeshadow's are numbered
Organize on Product finish, like all the Shimmer, Matte, Satin ETC together
Organize with your favorite product in the top draw working down to least favorites in the bottom draw.

Well I hope these tips helped?!
I know that since I have this organization like this I find everything much faster and it looks 100% better.

Till next time


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