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VLOG: OMG My Hair & HAUL: Jewelry & Makeup 2011

Hello Everyone, 
WOW, so this is an exciting video for me :)
I have COMPLETELY change my Hair & Look, & I personally Love it.
I really, really wanted something Fresh, New & just changing everything up completely for me.
I had been looking/managing at long hair for Years & Years. And I really wanted to reinvent my look to start a fresh, also good to get out of my comfort zone, to try something different. So I colored it "soft Black" & cut it to the length of my chin, when I had finished cutting it there was so much hair, since it did reach to the bottom of my bra strap before. But this is SO less tangled & hassle free to style, it now takes me 5-10 mins, where as before any where up to an hour for curling, straightening or formal up-do's. 
The "soft Black" / "Very Deep Brown" also softness the look done a little too, which is something I had wanted is well.
Let me know what you think?!

I also went shopping Yesterday too, before going to See Twilight's Breaking Dawn at the movies, so hence the Jewelry & makeup haul.
Here is the video link -

Till next time


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