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Hello Everyone, 
So Christmas is coming & a week later there is New Years Eve, so it's a busy week for "Special" things. I love holiday themed makeup, there just something magical I guess you could say about it. If you are stuck for what to on the day or for any parties you may be going too. I have done 2 Christmas makeup looks & 1 NYE look.

TUTORIAL - Cherry's in the Glow - Christmas - Makeup inspired Party Look
TUTORIAL - Sliver Bells Glitter Holiday / Christmas Makeup
TUTORIAL - NYE Bright Pink Makeup (New Year's Eve Look)

So you have some looks you can take inspiration from, change them up to suit your style. 
As for skin, & come to think of it I think I blogged about this last year too, but skin can impact on what your makeup is going to look like on the days them self (especially if there is going to those family Photo's ). I have learned the hard way you could say NOT to try new things in your skincare regimen the week before Christmas, a few years back I tried a new cleanser & face masks (one for acne & redness) & wow did my skin chuck a tantrum, so not funny! :(
But here is my blog post I posted last year, about the tips i found useful for "Skin safe" Christmas :)

On a completely different subject not involving my passion for makeup for just a moment....The Christmas tree is a wonder too, setting up the tree with all the ornaments, lights & tinsel. Making a tree in too a Christmas tree!
If you follow me on twitter (!/erica4beauty) you would have seen my twitpic of my Christmas tree (posted on the 8th dec). I love a big Christmas tree it's a amazing at how with all the Holiday/Christmas Decor up in the house at how the "happy" mood is just more present now too, So many I've talked too (Family & Friends) tend to have the same as me & I hope it's like that too for all of you my readers. 
BUT It would not be a Christmas for me without giving back to all my Readers, Followers & YouTube Subscribers. I do have a Makeup Giveaway going on at the moment, There are 3 prizes to be won a Christmas, New Years & My Favorites prizes. All the details & FAQ's you'll find in the description box & watching the video too.

So that's it for my blogging for now, Until next years heap of posts I've planned out for you all. So I wish you all a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. & I will see you all back up & running Blogging & YT Videos 3rd of January 2012.


Lots of Love, Till 2012
Erica - alwayscosmeticjunkie


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