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Hello Everyone, 
So It's that time of year again for my Beauty Awards for the best products of the year, this year I have in most categories a Highend & Drugstore winner, that way you can choose either one, also keeping in to account that not everyone like to or can buy Highend Makeup, so the Drugstore Makeup is close to, if not better then it's Highend winner in some categories.
To watch the video , Here is the link -

Everything that won had to have more Pros then Cons & tick all of the Boxes, each Makeup product shown here has done that this year & would recommend every single thing I show in this video too you all.

Starting off with Primers they create a smooth canvas for or skin & and wonder for making the skin look smother the it is. In this category I have Genreal Primers, Color Coreecting Primers & Mattifying Primers. 
Each Primer had to sit nicley on the skin
Make Foundation last longer & make it look better
Make Pores and minor imperfections less noticeable 
NOT cause acne & irritation on my skin

Matte Foundations, these are flatter look foundations on the skin & are best for Oil Skin Types as they tend to control oil better then other foundation types, the foundation that won here:
Had to be long wearing 7-8 or more hours
More oil control for longer 
NOT cause acne & irritation on my skin
Look matte BUT not cakey
Bland easy

Glowy Foundations, these are foundations that give a more 3D look to the skin, not flat looking & more times they shine a little more too, these foundations are better for Drier Skin Types. The foundation that won here:
Had to be long wearing
NOT Over the top on the "Glowy" Look
Doesn't highlight Pores or imperfections 
NOT cause acne & irritation on my skin
Give the skin a "radiance"
Blend easy

Powder Foundation, was last & these foundations are quicker to apply and tend to be a 2 in 1 foundation ( foundation coverage + powder). These foundations tend to be better for sensitive skin types but there are good for everyone, expect if you have very dry Skin. The foundation that won here:
Had to be long wearing 
Easy to use & cover skin nicely 
NOT look to cakey
NOT cause acne & irritation on my skin
Usable for touch up's thought that day
compact to travel with

Concealer, the product most of us use weather or not you use foundation or not, it covers areas we want to diffuse or hide. So the concealer that won here:
Had to cover 90% 
Be long wearing 
Good for touching up thought the day
Compact to travel with
Not cause or make Acne worse
Not crease under the eyes
Not go patchy

Finishing Powder, I love the way powder sets your foundation & finishes the face, though powder is optional, if you have oily skin to combination I would recommend you use a Setting powder.The Finishing powder that won here: 
Had to be long wearing (over foundation)
Easy to use & blend
NOT look to cakey Or patchy
NOT cause acne & irritation on my skin
Not to distort the foundation color underneath
Gives a natural finish to the skin, Not like a Powder puff

Blush weather it be cream or Powder, blush can make the skin come alive and make it look fresh, health and even add a glow to the skins appearance. So I have both Cream & Powder blushes & they both had to tick of the same list, so the blushers that won here: Had to be long wearing
Look natural & not doll like
Easy to blend 
Not highlight pores underneath
Give a health appearnce to the skin
Not cause Acne

Bronzer is like a summer tan in a compact & can work wonders for adding that " I have a L.A. tan" when the sun is not out or it's Winter. So the Bronzer's that won here:
Had to be long wearing
Not look orange or fake
Not cakey
Give a glow, but not over the top shimmery

Like foundation this makes your eye makeup on top last longer and can make it look better, well in my option should make it look better. If you have more oilier eyelids then a primer is more a must for you when someone with more direr eye lids. Please do note that our eyelids are the oilyest part of our face that goes for people with every skin type. So the eye primer that won here:
Had to prolong eyeshadow wear
Feel light on eye lids and not heavy
Make the eyeshadow easy to blend & apply over the top
Make eyeshadow a little brighter

The rest of any Eye Makeup kit would be made up of eyeshadow, Eye liner, Cream bases/ Cream shadow (sometimes), So all of these products had to tick the same boxes so the Eye makeup that won here:
Had to be not irritating
Blend easy
Not chalky looking Or patchy color
Long Lasting
Easy to use
Color ture / very pigmented
Friendly on sensitive eyes

Marscara is a must have if you are wearing eye makeup or want that "lift" to your eyes naturally. Mascara can make your eyes look bigger, enhance them or make you whole eye shape change on the way you apply the mascara is well. So the Mascara that won here: Had to not flake 
Not be over clumpy
Makes lashes longer
Makes lashes fuller
Holds curl on lashes
Be pigmented in either Black or Brown  (color true)

Lastly Lipstick & Lipgloss are 2 of my favorites products ever because I call them the "finishers" they finish the makeup and complete the look. My first ever makeup purchase was a Maybelline Lipgloss in Rhinestone Pink and it was the Wet diamond shine or something close to that :), I would say that most of us started with a humble lipstick or Lipgloss as our fist purchase & start of our makeup collection!. So the Lipstick & Lipglosss that won here:
Had to pigmented
Long wearing
Smooth application 
Not stick or tacky (Gloss)
Color true
Not to bleed out side the lip lines ( lipstick)
Not havey feeling
Compact to take in Handbag or mini Purse

So that was my Beauty Awards Winner's for this year, I hope I've given you some makeup to go and check out or try. This video I was super excited to share as it's like my ultimate favorites & I know many of you like my favorites videos, this is just the best of the best for the year and takes all most a whole year in the making in testing , trialing the misses & the HITS.

Thank you for all the support this year and for making my Beauty/Makeup Channel into the busy Beauty hub it is today, looking forward to doing many more of these Beauty Award video's for many years to come.

Till next time


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