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BLOG REVIEW - e.l.f. Daily Brush Cleaner

Hello Everyone,
I wanted to do a quick blog review on the e.l.f. Daily brush cleaner, I brought this about a month ago, to replace my MAC brush cleaner which was finished, so I did need a new one anyways. So I thought I would try the e.l.f. one instead of repurchasing the MAC one.
So this is for spot cleaning your makeup brushes between makeup applications, I normally just spray about 3-4 sprays on my brushes & wipe them down on a clean face wash cloth. This is a great product to own as it saves you washing the brush everyday day.
Now e.l.f. claim there brush cleaner is an anti-bacterial daily brush cleanser for quick cleaning in-between makeup applications. Disinfects brushes to provide a fresh and clean application every time. Helps to keep your brushes lasting longer for extended use.
Being anti-bacterial would normally mean a strong over powering smell, the smell is not to bad when spaying it, there is an powerful "Clean" smell but it does go away & DOES not linger on the brushes either so it's only the first few seconds or so. This gives the brushes a good conditioned feel is well, so it does not dry out the brushes as some spot cleaners can. 
I have used this e.l.f. Cleaner on my MAC, Sigma & e.l.f. brushes & it cleans all brushes equally well. Only thing I did find was that it did not clean or work to well with the Sigma F80 brush for some reason it just would not get a lot of the residue product off.  It's sprays clear product & it's not "sticky" when on the brushes, but do make sure to wipe the brushes down on a cloth or something you might use to remove the cleaner residue as this lets the brushes dry better too. 
I spot clean every second day, so I fully wash my brushes a good 3 times a week & use the e.l.f. brush cleaner to spot clean every other day in between. 

Other facts about e.l.f Daily Brush Cleaner
You get 250ML of product
This comes in a spray bottle
Made in Asia 
$3.00 US / $3.50 GBP / $9.99 AUD

Tell me what you think of the e.l.f. brush cleanser if you have used it too?

Till next time


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